In this excellent interview with Jay Taylor, David Jensen takes a look at the LBMA, and the MASSIVELY leveraged paper tail that wags the physical dog. 
With a daily trade volume of 207 Million oz (against annual global mine supply of 800 M oz)- Is Silver the LBMA’s Greatest Rig? 


silver raid

Yesterday we had gold and silver higher but the gold/silver equity shares were much lower.
It sure looked like the boys were going to raid PMs today.  However FEAR spread throughout the globe with oil crashing in Europe along with the price of copper.  Then once NY started to trade, we were greeted with news of awful retail sales (remember that the consumer is 70% of GDP) coupled with horrible earnings report from JPMorgan.  The housing sector continues to act in disarray.  This sent the Dow futures down dramatically. However  gold and silver started to rise on those fears.  The bankers had their work cut out for them, trying to cool the prices for our precious metals.
Judging by what they did late in the comex session and in the access market, one can expect another raid attempt tomorrow.

Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:

gold bull

David Morgan, Alasdair Macleod, & Bill Murphy join The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for a special Precious Metals Round Table edition of Metals & Markets, discussing: 

  • Is JPMorgan sourcing silver by the warehouseload- directly from the miners via financing global miners’ refining? 
  • Dhragonomics: ECB only 1 step behind Japan- paper fiat currencies on way to collapse in 2015
  • David Morgan: Fundamentals reflect $4800 current value in gold- physical shortage may develop in 2015-2016, resulting in a MASSIVE MANIC/PANIC stampede into metals & mining shares- something could lite a match to the gasoline filled warehouse of this market tomorrow!
  • Alasdair Macleod: Dollar strength distorting the picture- Gold has doubled vs Ruble in past year, all hell is breaking loose across the currency markets- 2015 will be the year for gold
  • Why the short sellers CANNOT be taken down by standing for delivery- is the entire game RIGGED?
  • Bill Murphy: Gold and silver may just Go Bonkers in 2015!  When this blows, we will have the MOST HISTORIC MOVE IN HISTORY

You won’t want to miss the Power Packed Special Edition of Metals & Markets With David Morgan, Alasdair Macleod, & Bill Murphy breaking down whats in store for gold and silver in 2015 and beyond:

storm tsunami

For nearly 4 years now, the Fed, BIS, Bank of England, etc have moved heaven and earth, to heap burning coals upon silver investors, and have done the same to gold investors for 3 years.  They’ve done everything in the book to dislodge us, to eradicate us, to dissuade us…And they’ve failed.
These people have done all of this, just to keep the Money Power a tiny space longer.
Let’s face it: 3 or 4 years, in the grand scheme of human history, is a blink, it’s nothing.

The central planners behind the massive con, and the international, monetary ponzi scheme, have bought another 1,000’ish days.  
Then what do they do?
The Great Financial Tsunami, which nearly washed them all away in 2008 is still coming for them, and it is higher than ever.  

The storm wall they’ve spent 5 years building, in order to protect themselves from the wrath of the coming storm, is laughably inadequate.

When it comes to global silver demand growth over the past decade, the coin and bar investment category is the big winner.  Unfortunately, the media tends to focus on growth of industrial silver consumption, while investment demand continues to take a back seat.
2014 global silver coin and bar demand may actually be closer to 230-240 Moz, than the 192 Moz figure GFMS forecast in the preliminary report.

Regardless, the huge increase in silver coin and bar investment demand over the past decade took place by less than 5% of the population… probably more like 2%.
What would happen to global silver coin and bar investment demand if only say 10-15% of the population became interested??


Like Christine, in the Phantom of the Opera, most of us have been seduced by that Phantom called “the mining sector” at some point.  We’ve all been taken by the hand into some dark lair, and lulled into a spell, with sweet, sultry whispers about “wonderful profits”.   All that was asked of us was that we just forked over more of our cash to these knowledgeable and responsible companies.  Many of us have done so, only to end up in a terrifying place, that we did not wish to be!
If gut-wrenching twists and drama is what you’re looking for, then knock yourself out with these with paper distractions.  Yes, there are some profits to be made….if……if your dart hits the right part of the dartboard, and you make it out of that gauntlet with all of your digits(financially and literally) intact.
I hope you do make out with huge paper profits!  I truly do.
As for me however, I’m sticking to physical silver ounces, in my hand!  When I want more drama in my life, I’ll plunk down the cash for a box-seat at my local theatre, thank you very much!
At least there, my entertainment won’t be in wondering whether my future and livelihood are going to evaporate with the latest company press release!


Another thinly traded semi-holiday, another MASSIVE gold and silver cartel raid!
It seems that the entire world knew that the bankers were going to raid gold and silver!
The bankers lowered the price of gold below 1200 dollars, which would give it a losing year for 2o14:

Chris Powell

The CME Group’s most recent 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists its customers. Included in that list are governments and central banks.   This is really a sensational development.
Nobody can trade against central banks, they create infinite money.   If central banks are secretly trading in the futures markets, there are no markets. 

banksters fight

Gold, while being the source of the banksters’ power, must be “given away”, in order to maintain their power!
The greatest source of their strength, must be sold onto the open market.  That is because the gold price suppression scheme has only been hugely successful to this point, by dumping the gold they already owned onto the market.  They must do so, because they must create the illusion that there is a vast glut of gold in the world, and thereby convince the nations that their own debt-based, fiat currencies are actually the place of strength!
People have been led to believe they can trust the Dragon and its currencies of lies, of slavery, and of death, because the bankers have cast this great shadow upon the truthful monies we’ve been given.
Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but it has always prospered due to the lack of truth.  It is a perpetual lie,which is now in the process of being blown into a billion pieces, because now we all know what they’ve done!
Now is the time to strike at the heart of the Beast!  

Putin ammo shortage

Gold & currency expert Alasdair Macleod joined The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for an EXPLOSIVE show discussing: 

  • End game to Russian Ruble collapse: Putin may take the Ruble onto the GOLD STANDARD- if Russia detonates this Nuclear Financial Weapon, the West is DEAD! 
  • Did the US/Saudi Arabia plan the oil crash to collapse Russia & the Ruble? -Putin’s counter-move could result in an EPIC BACKFIRE for the West
  • Is a Global currency crisis is in the making!?!
  • Alasdair provides his outlook on gold & silver, and explains why 2015 is likely to be an EXPLOSIVE YEAR for the metals after a prolonged consolidation- but PM investors won’t like what comes along with MASSIVELY HIGHER gold & silver prices! 

The MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets With special guest Alasdair Macleod is below: 

silver dragon

The Rise of the Dragon

From the LIBOR Scandal, to silver and gold-market rigging, to currency rigging, if you want to find the culprits behind every scandal, every crime, then look no further than the elite families (like the Rothschilds) who have, within its borders, comfortably run every dastardly con and wicked scheme imaginable. They’ve been able to do so, because here, in his “Square Mile” cave, this corporate/banking Dragon safely rests beyond the reach of parliament in Westminster, and beyond the reach of any governing body in existence.
The head of the Hydra, in this den of dragons, is the Bank of England itself, the darkest force behind the con, behind the rigging, behind the schemes, behind the wars, and ultimately behind the British invasion of 9 out of 10 countries on earth, over its existence.


It has been our increased awareness in seeing the changes of media and their attacks on everything Precious Metals,  that has made our determinations stronger.   We have proven over and over again,  and for years now,  that there is direct and intentional manipulations in Silver and Gold by the entire central banking system as well as the governments they support,  to bury the prices of precious metals to keep people from seeing the problems inherent within the fiat system we live in today.
The cartel has released their latest Hit Piece on gold and silver: