Expert PM analyst Steve St. Angelo (SRSRocco) joins the show this week discussing: 

  • How long can the bankers manipulate the price of gold & silver? Can it continue another decade or two?
    Steve explains why the price of silver is poised to rise EXPONENTIALLY
  • Steve explains why When the Light Bulb goes on (for global investors), you’re going to see see a MAD RUSH into precious metals, and crazy prices! 
  • With the oil price cut in half over the past 6 months, is Peak Oil a Myth of the past, or is it closer than ever- and what are the implications for gold & silver?
  • Steve believes the numbers indicate that Silver investors are becoming complacent in 2015- the time to buy insurance is BEFORE your house burns down and its TOO LATE!
  • We’re going to see convulsions in the market- by 2020 the world will be a totally different place, and it will be difficult to obtain physical precious metals!
  • “What happened to Ammo will happen to Gold & Silver!”

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & SRSRocco is below: 

chris powell GATA

GATA’s Chris Powell joins CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, discussing gold market manipulation, the failure of mainstream financial news organizations to put critical questions to central banks about their surreptitious intervention in the gold market, the “new” gold fix in London, the market-destroying and imperialistic results of gold price suppression, and the general subversion of democracy by central banking.
Powell’s full MUST WATCH interview is below: 

silver smash

Today we again had some short covering in the silver comex with the silver OI falling by 464 contracts.  Gold OI fell by a whopping 14,006 contracts.  Both gold and silver rose nicely today. Again we had 1,028.80 oz of gold leave the comex vaults.  
Gold was knocked down this afternoon to $1195, options expiry is tomorrow so the crooks are already whacking:


In silver, the open interest today fell by 1527 contracts, due to short covering, as Monday’s silver price was unchanged. The total silver OI continues to remain extremely high with today’s reading at 174,123 contracts.
The front month of March rose by 63 contracts to 604 contracts. We are still close to multi year high in the total OI complex despite a record low price. This dichotomy has been happening now for quite a while and defies logic.
There is no doubt that the silver situation is scaring our bankers to no end.


With massive currency volatility & a big jump in gold & silver in the wake of the FOMC statement, Alasdair Macleod joins the show this week discussing:  

  • Massive moves in the dollar are justified, as The Federal Reserve has effectively thrown in the towel on any raise in interest rates! 
  • Is the dollar’s parabolic moon shot over?  Alasdair explains why he is a “Seller of the Dollar” here 
  • A BIG RESET is coming- “Something is about to break” 
  • UK, Germany, France, Italy, & Australia join Chinese/Russian-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank… as  founding members!Putin has played the most extraordinarily brilliant move I have ever seen!” 
  • Alasdair states that when the US tries to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank IT WILL BE REFUSED, and the days of the dollar are basically gone! 
  • SHORT SQUEEZE!  Gold & silver rip higher Friday
  • Macleod explains that “The dollar will begin to weaken when the market begins to realize what has occurred!”

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Alasdair Macleod is below: 

herded lock

Sometime after the smackdown in March 2013 it just hit me: this was not the normal, run-of-the-mill downtrend in precious metals.  Something different and sinister was going on.

Many folks invested in PMs are reaching the point with price action where they’re not just losing faith…
They’re getting angry
Many of them look at the Dow Jones, and have begun to think:
“What’s the use?  Why even fight the banks, or at least be in a place they frown upon? I’ve missed out on an 8,000 point swing in the Dow these past few years, maybe that’s where I should be!
I know to some that seems to make sense, but I hope you hear me when I say that at this point brothers…”switching and pitching” your position from metals to stocks right now is the worst possible thing that could be done at the worst possible time.


As my undergrad English major advisor used to say:  This is old wine in a new bottle.”   Meaning, you can dress up a pig but underneath the fancy clothes it’s still a pig.  The “new” London gold fix will enable the big bullion banks to continue rigging the paper gold market and looting investor money.
They are now emboldened to do it in broad daylight and without masks.

If one addresses what is going on between China and the IMF, while keeping an eye on the Federal Reserve’s fiat debt instrument, incorrectly called the “dollar”, then the likelihood of a significant rally in gold and silver may not develop this year. 
Those believing the fiat “dollar” is on its currency deathbed and about to implode to its true intrinsic worth, (zero) are not paying enough attention to realize that the elites are still in control while in the process of merely switching horses: to China from the US.

down gold

With gold & silver enduring another massive cartel raid this week, retesting lows near $1140 and $15, GATA’s Bill Murphy joined the show discussing:

  • Could we see a washout bottom on Sunday’s Globex with gold & silver plunging towards $1,000 & $12? 
  • Venezuela in talks to liquidate over 100 tonnes of official gold reserves to Wall Street banks- timing suspiciously correlated to latest PM take-down
  • Is GATA or Bill Murphy giving up on gold? 
  • Why Murphy believes The biggest move in market history is coming..and why It will probably explode out of nowhere! 
  • Murphy explains why: “This thing IS going to blow up, and it will be spectacular!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & GATA’s Bill Murphy is below: 

Just days ago, HSBC dropped a bomb on the gold community by announcing that all 7 of its gold vaults in the City of London will be closed within 2 months’ time!
The closure of the custodial gold vaults by HSBC could indeed be evidence that the troubles within the fractional-gold reserve system are coming to a head.  

The GLD itself (whose gold stock is now down almost 50% in the last 2 years), could be needing some “fresh supplies” to continue the con.
There is undoubtedly a new Great Fire burning in London, and something dastardly is being destroyed behind the scenes! 

What exactly is HSBC “front-running”?


The market manipulation in Comex silver is by far the most blatant and extreme in the history of all markets.
The paper short interest in May silver is 778% greater than the amount of physical silver available to be delivered, according to Comex records.

Never in the history of any commodity on any commodity futures exchange in the world has the ratio of paper to actual physical been even remotely close to this out of whack.
Suffice it to say that silver is the most manipulated market in the history of the financial markets.
While most of us already know this based on observation, the actual data as reported by the Comex confirms the observation.

Interestingly, JP Morgan has taken delivery of 4.7 million ounces of silver for its “house” account: