dollar's flow in black hole

dollar's flow in black holeWith a derivative book bigger than the entire European economy, if Deutsche bank goes, it takes Europe down with it, Says Dollar Collapse’s John Rubino.
But could Deutsche bank be a distraction from an EVEN BIGGER threat?
Find out in this interview…

trumpIf Trump Had Performed Like This During the Debates It Would Be All Over…

launch-rocketRegardless of who wins the election, gold and silver prices are getting ready for another surprising move higher:

end 2Are We About to Experience A Different Sort of “October Surprise”? 


john-embry-thumbnail“The upside potential in both gold and silver is beyond most people’s comprehension.”

John Embry, senior advisor at Sprott joins Silver Doctors to sound the Alarm –
The US Dollar Is ON THE BRINK of Collapse:

nuclearThe decisions that Barack Obama makes regarding Syria on Friday could literally be the spark that sets off World War 3.

gold-and-silverWith the U.S. Dollar and all other debt-based fiat currencies increasingly at risk, if we lose our familiar units of measure – how will the necessities of life be priced after a financial crisis?
Brother John F returns to advise how much precious metal makes sense to insure you have the vital basics covered, and what’s going on with the direction of Gold and Silver as we head into the end of the year…


Bix Weir from RoadToRoota joins Silver Doctors to sounds the alarm that gold and silver manipulation is coming to an end…

Why on earth would anyone be content with accepting fraud, cheating, unfair tactics and anything even approaching a rigged election?


Roy Friedman, President of US Mint Authorized Purchaser Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes (MTB) joins Silver Doctors to discuss how the recent pullback in the precious metals markets is impacting wholesale demand for gold and silver.
Friedman says investors who were waiting on the sidelines are now PLUNGING into the market. Demand is increasing dramatically for both gold and silver, but especially for silver:

Yet for all of Clinton’s tough talk against Wall Street, Blackstone has been among her biggest fundraisers, and during a recent cocktail party in Washington D.C. to promote the plan, James said he was optimistic that a Clinton win could make his proposal a reality…

gold-updateThe recent price drop in gold and silver was a setup… this was an artificial takedown.