Jim Willie: End of the U.S. Dollar Regime!

jim willieIn this MUST WATCH interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Jim Willie breaks down his explosive prediction that Germany is in the process of pivoting east to join the Russian/Chinese/ BRIC alliance, and abandoning the fiat US dollar currency regime.
The dollar is going to be rejected on the global stage, and the majority of Americans won’t even know it!

Jim Willie’s full interview on the end of the Petro-Dollar Regime is below: 
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Derivatives Armageddon: Yes, Gold & Silver Will Indeed Go to the Moon!

moonThe coming derivatives collapse is one of the primary reasons the price of gold (and silver) is going to the moon. Gold will start moving well in advance of this event but it will go parabolic once it becomes obvious to everyone.
Our derivatives Armageddon series continues with Part 2 below.
In this video we discuss some of the insanity that lies behind U.S. derivatives accounting rules and how they favor the banks at our expense: [Read more...]

False Flag Over Ukraine? These Videos Raise Compelling Questions

planeThe following videos raise many questions regarding MH17 that deserve further investigation.  
Was MH17 shot down over Ukraine as a false flag? 
The just emerged videos below raise compelling questions:  [Read more...]

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Ron Paul: What The Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

propagandaIt had to be Russia; it had to be Putin, they said.  President Obama held a press conference to claim – even before an investigation – that it was pro-Russian rebels in the region who were responsible.
His ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, did the same at the UN Security Council – just one day after the crash!
While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report.

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The Plan to Break California into 6 States – A Model for the Future?

The more one thinks about potential solutions to the gigantic mess we have found ourselves in as a species, the more one has come to believe we need to break apart into a vast multitude of city-states. The revolutionary concept of America in the first place was this idea of “self-governance,” something we do not posses an iota of in this day and age.
As was noted recently in an academic paper published by Princeton and Northwestern, these United States have mutated into nothing short of an oligarchy.
In fact, the study demonstrated that the will of the people has essentially zero impact on legislation whatsoever. 
The current overly centralized paradigm parasitically engulfing the planet will experience a series of spectacular collapses in the years ahead that will make 2008 look like practice.
As the centralized beast episodically implodes upon itself, we will have a historic chance to remake our world in a new way that will better serve humanity. That new paradigm will consist of freedom through decentralization. [Read more...]

Delusional IMF “Delighted” to be Marginalized by BRICS

The IMF was formed to be a critical component of the new dollar-dominated global financial system that was created after World War II.  The US has far and away the most voting power with a 17.69% share, so nothing really happens at the IMF unless Uncle Sam approves it.
This might have made sense back in the 1950s,  but things have changed.  Today, the US is barely the world’s largest economy.  It is far and away the world’s biggest debtor. And it constantly punishes the world with destructive monetary policy that weakens the entire system.
Nearly every other nation on the planet for YEARS has been pestering the IMF to catch up to reality.
Think about it– the combined GDPs of the Brazil, Russia, India, China (plus South Africa, known as BRICS nations) is more than the US and Europe combined.
They have 40% of the world’s population, at least 20% of its output, and on a net basis, almost none of its debt.
Yet they have almost no say over the financial system that rules them all.   It’s absurd.
They warned the US and Europe for years: “Reform, or we will create our own system to compete with you.”
Now they’ve followed through on their word.

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UK Telegraph Confirms Central Planners Moving Towards New Asset Backed Cyber Currency

Golden ruleThe UK Telegraph has released an interesting article discussing the future of the US dollar.
Every SD reader needs to read this article.   Not only does it provide an excellent overview of the situation, it is the first hint from a mainstream media source of what we have been covering here for several years:
The possibility of a new virtual asset backed currency backed by Central Banks
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Gold And Silver – BRICS And Germany Will Pave The Way

Austria has already picked sides, with Russia, for the economic writing is on the wall.
Germany also is not about to jeopardize its long-established business ties with Russia.  At least 3,000 businesses are linked to Russia, and they are not being quiet in their displeasure about any sanctions against Russia by the US.  Further, Deutschland is increasing its economic ties to and with China.  Between these three powerhouse nations, it is all about business and economic growth.  With the US, it is all about fiat debt and war with little to no concern about which country[s] the US alienates in order to support its flailing and failing debt addiction.
Throw in the NSA spying scandal the US has and continues to wage against Germany, add the you-will-get-your-[non-existent]- gold when we say you can have it, and the clock it ticking as to when Germany says, “Genug ist genug!”  Many measures have been taken that demonstrate a growing rift between these once-solid allies, and the only thing standing in the way of a complete breakaway is Chancellor Merkel, whose days are numbered.

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MH17 Will Usher in a Completely New Kind of War– One the US Cannot Win

gunThe MH17 disaster is so bad that it’s made people forget about the roving army of fanatics that has taken over half of Iraq and parts of Syria in their quest to build a global caliphate.
This is much bigger.   And there’s so much pent up tension between rising powers right now, there’s serious risk of it turning into a much greater conflict.
It seems ironic that the world was in a similar situation exactly a hundred years ago.
Just like a century ago when waning British power invited a power struggle among rising nations, waning US power is creating conflict with Russia, China, etc.
A century ago, they settled it on the battlefield.   Everyone knew war would eventually come to Europe.   But the great miscalculation was they presumed it would be just another 19th century limited war.
It was anything but.  The great war brought brutal mass killings, bombings, heavy artillery, gassing, etc.   And it changed warfare forever.
This time around, the way we conduct war is different.   Similarly, leaders are miscalculating, thinking that they can scare their opponents with warships and fighter jets.
But modern warfare isn’t fought with boots on the ground.  In 2014, cyberwar and economic war looms.

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New York Launches BitLicense Proposal – How Bad is it?

Framework Includes Consumer Protection, Anti-Money Laundering, and Cyber Security Rules for Virtual Currency Businesses
Proposed Regulations Submitted for a 45-Day Notice and Comment Period to Solicit Public Feedback

We all knew this proposal was coming whether we wanted it to or not.
Importantly, the proposal itself is a testament to Bitcoin’s incredible success in the first place.
The fact there is a proposal at all will be very bullish for the Bitcoin price itself.
The sooner these rules are finalized the sooner Wall Street money will plow in. And plow in it will.
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TOP GOLD MINERS: Yields Fall To The Lowest Levels Ever

freefallWith the results for 2013 finally in, the top gold miners average yield fell to the lowest level ever. 
This is a surprising development considering that the average price of gold dropped to a low of $1,411 in 2013. 
Normally when the price of gold falls, gold miners switch to higher grades to remain profitable.
However, the top five gold miners’ average yield declined another 5% in 2013

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Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt The ‘National Identification System’

facial recognition big brotherWould you like to have a digital identity card that is automatically issued to you at birth? 
In one European nation, residents use such a card when they go to the hospital, when they do their banking, when they go shopping and even when they vote.  This card has become so popular that this particular European country actually plans to start issuing them to millions of non-citizens all over the planet who request them.
The Economist, a well-known mouthpiece for the global elite, is calling for the entire planet to adopt this “national identification system” that the little nation of Estonia has adopted. 
The Economist is touting all of the “benefits” of a “national identification card”, but are there dangers as well?  Could adopting such a system potentially open the door for greater government tyranny than we have ever known before? [Read more...]

They call them ‘junk bonds’ for a reason…

The bond environment, ranging from high yield nonsense to government nonsense, is now fraught, littered with uncertainty and unexploded ammunition, and waiting nervously for the inevitable rate hike to come (or bracing for a perhaps messy inflationary outbreak if it doesn’t).
They call them ‘junk bonds’ for a reason. They now constitute an offence against linguistic decency: ‘high yield’ no longer even is.
Consider the chart below:

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The Precious Return of Investment

bankrobberyThe financial powers, in the name of government treasuries (along with the IMF) have a keen eye trained on the lowest hanging fruits of monetary assets.
What was once unthinkable is fast becoming a reality as bail-ins promise to morph into the confiscation that only precious metals investors have been known for fearing.

They are coming for your ASS(ets).

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