trumpWith Gold & Silver markets falling flat, and the US Presidential election fast approaching, how will the outcome of the election play out for Gold & Silver?
Why are gold & silver managed as they are, and WHEN will the current stalemate be broken?
Bill Murphy, co-founder of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee returns to offer insight on the resurgence of manipulation and his prediction on when the endgame will be up!

Though prophecies of destruction and mass die-offs are nothing new, Baba Vanga’s date-specific predictions made twenty years ago seemingly coincide with events that are happening all around us.
One foretells the collapse of the United States of America as we know it today.
The other is perhaps EVEN MORE frightening…

The Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash
The new world order needs a great financial reset before it can take root.
In the aftermath, elites will “rescue” as global economic instability erupts…

big resetA massive global debt write-down of sovereign bond is coming, on the back end of the Global Financial RESET. Think paradigm shift of the most disruptive type while power shifts eastward.
The risk of war rises…


Yes, on November 8, you Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, all the Blows get to go and blow up the whole ****amn system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest f*ck ever recorded in human history and it will feel good.

electionfraudThe first signs of voting “irregularities” emerge as electronic voting machines in Texas are reported to be switching Trump votes to Clinton.
Trump was right.  

THIS is how the Dems and the Hillary Campaign plan to win Texas:

This leaked military drill suggests preparations for martial law during potential post-election unrest.
They are training to take on Americans after an economic collapse, an election upset, or an attack by an enemy…


electionfraudDave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics joins Silver Doctors to discuss the presidential election, precious metals, and the stock market.
He sees a MAJOR sell-off ahead:

silver-mineWade Hodges, CEO of Nevada Exploration joins Elijah Johnson to break down the gold market. 
Should investors own gold bullion during times of unprecedented financial uncertainty?

While most with half a brain, or an ounce of honesty left, are already confident in their authenticity, a key tactic of corrupt Democratic operatives has been to try to cast doubt on them being real in order to sway the minds of some of our more cerebrally challenged fellow citizens.
As such, any technical proof that the emails are genuine is of great significance…

With stupidity like this so pervasive in government, it’s no wonder why the productive and entrepreneurial spirit is being crushed in the Land of the Free.
When a broken system and out-of-touch political class make it more difficult for people to produce, prosperity suffers.

Hillary gave away on national television, exactly what an adversary must achieve in order to kill us all… What’s far worse is that given her former position we know what she revealed was not a guess.

As you are probably well aware, the Obama administration would like nothing more than to place the United States under Martial Law.
Once that is accomplished, the country and people would be locked down and kept under control on the pretext of continuing with the government and/or maintaining the national security of the U.S.
Let’s take a look at 5 events the administration would be most likely to utilize to reach this end state: