On this week’s Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the week’s trading, discussing:

  • Chinese New Year Holiday Concludes- gold & silver rally on cue!
  • Greek Game Theory- Why Eurozone crisis could escalate to a contagion- beginning with Spain! 
  • Justice Dept Investigation on PM manipulation- regulators are attempting to distract the market from the REAL center of PM manipulation! 
  • Indian gold demand set to ROAR with imminent easing of import duties
  • Algos unsuccessful in attempts to cap gold & silver Friday- sign the beatdown has ended?

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below: 


Will the greatest economic crash in history occur this fall and usher in the Biblicly prophesied Great Tribulation? 
Marshall Swing believes so…

Because he can’t get Congress to approve the things that he wants to do, Barack Obama has apparently decided to rule by decree for the rest of his time in the White House.  One of Obama’s latest moves is to try to ban some of the most popular ammunition for the most popular rifle in America.
Previously, the Obama administration attempted unsuccessfully to ban the AR-15.
That didn’t work, so now Obama is going after the ammunition… 


This weekend we have three hot spots to cover.
The first is the crisis in Greece where it seems that the Greeks have a payment of 1.6 billion euros that it must pay by the middle of March.  However the Euro boys do not want to pony over more money.
The second hot spot is the Ukraine where they are experiencing hyperinflation to no endFood has disappeared from shelves.  The country has about 2.5 weeks of liquid reserves left before they run out.
The third hot stop is Turkey.  We witnessed today, the complete collapse of the Turkish lira:


Our favorite critic of the Federal Reserve, Jim Grant was back on CNBC to provide his perspective on Janet Yellen & the Fed preparing to hike interest rates. 
Grant unleashes another epic rant against the Fed, and ‘the virus of radical monetary policy‘. 
Full must see interview is below: 

FOCUS: Keep your eyes on the size of your growing stack of silver not on the movements of the price.
Yes, it would be nice to see a big percentage move to the upside on the ticker with silver next to the big green arrow on a regular basis!!!
Don’t count on it.
Expect any gains in terms of dollars to be given only as TPTB are squeezed inexorably between the rock (growing demand) and the hardplace (dwindling supply).

Most Americans spend their lives working for others, paying off debts to others and performing tasks that others tell them that they “must” do. 
These days, we don’t like to think of ourselves as “servants” or “slaves”, but that is what the vast majority of us are.
It is just that the mechanisms of our enslavement have become much more sophisticated over time…

kissinger 4President of France Georges Pompidou, President of the United States Richard Nixon and National Security Advisor of the United States Henry Kissinger met on December 13 and 14, 1971, at the Azores to negotiate the value (rigging) of gold and all other major currencies in the world at the time.
Three months prior to the meeting Nixon had halted the convertibility of US dollars into gold for foreign nations at the US Treasury.
The French were the most vocal critics of the United States’ flexible monetary policy, or what some people call endless money printing.

oenbThe Austrian Court of Audit expresses great concern about the disproportionate amount of official gold reserves (229.6 tonnes) stored at the Bank Of England (BOE), which will be the Austrians excuse for repatriating, “the gold depository contract with the depository in England contained deficiencies” and, “gold reserves stored abroad, internal auditing measures were lacking”.
They’re putting it blunt for an official source on a topic so sensitive as gold.

Proposed New Greek DrachmasSome analysts have suggested that the EU and Greece have reached a stalemate and are preparing to attempt an orderly exit by Greece from the Euro and back to the Drachma.
 This may certainly be the case. Greece has newly designed Drachma notes (see right) and printing presses waiting for the order to start rolling.
Greece is bankrupt with no hope in sight, at least within the Euro monetary union, so eventual default appears inevitable.
If Greece and the EU have agreed to disagree there is no guarantee that the process will be orderly despite the best intentions of both sides. If it is achieved it will open the door for other peripheral nations to follow suit, each exit process a mine-field.
Greeks have been accumulating physical gold in recent months in anticipation of bank holidays, possible bail-ins and indeed a possible return to the drachma.

JP Morgan

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have reduced their down payment requirements to 3%.
That razor-thin slice of equity, by the way, is more than used up once all of the closing expenses are accounted for.   That means that anyone buying a house right now is underwater by the time escrow closes and title transfers.

Just in time for the next blood-bath in the housing market: