The strange volatility we’ve been experiencing in the markets is occurring because there’s is a massive derivatives melt-down going on behind the scenes.  
The Fed is engaging in an enormous reverse repo operation in order to prevent the global financial system from collapsing.
The ONLY REASON the Fed would need to inject massive amounts of Treasuries into the global banking system is because there’s an extreme shortage.
A massive derivatives accident requiring MASSIVE amounts of collateral to be posted has developed:

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Precious metal prices were broadly unchanged this week, confined to a tight trading range of $1210 to $1185 for gold and $16.60 to $16.00 for silver.
There were several attempts by sellers to force prices to break down, but from the price action there appeared to be buyers waiting for the opportunity.

One of the biggest stories last week was the emergence of a video tape that showed a South Carolina cop shooting an unarmed man 8 times in the back as he fled (see: South Carolina Cop to Be Charged with Murder for Shooting Man 8 Times in the Back as He Ran Away). As he lay dead on the ground motionless, the officer went ahead and planted his taser next to the body to cover up the crime.
Now, audio tape has emerged of a conversation between the cop, Michael Slager, and a senior officer after the killing in which the officer is heard laughing about the shooting, and marveling at the incredible adrenaline rush it provided. They also discuss how to best handle the aftermath of the situation, and how nothing will really happen to him.
Listen for yourself:


With no usual SD Weekly Metals & Markets show this weekend with The Doc on vacation, Eric Dubin sat down for a special show with Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street, discussing:

-Ongoing developments concerning the probable addition of the Chinese Renminbi to the IMF’s SDR basket, of particular relevance given this Friday’s high level meeting among bankers in Washington, D.C.  
-Propaganda from the mainstream media is at an all time high
-Eric talks about the past strategies of the Roman Empire and the British Empire for divide and conquer and controlled chaos strategies to weaken key areas the US wants to control.
-Has Hilary already been anointed?
-The SDR, the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and precious metals- whats to come in the 2nd half of 2015 & 2016?

50+ minutes of metals, markets, & geo-politics with Eric Dubin is below:


This is a Biggie!
Sometimes an event can come and go, and become important much later, without setting off any alarm bells, as to whether it was important or not from the start.  It happens every day.  Yet, at other times however, you just can’t help but to immediately understand the significance of something the moment it happens.

Brothers, I have a feeling that what was just reported in the gold market, seems to strike that crucially, unmistakable note.  First, let’s touch upon the parties involved, and what they did, because it’s a strategy that seems like such a no-brainer, that I’m surprised most of the big players in the business world aren’t already doing it.
That announcement was this: 

The Western U.S. Dollar based monetary system is headed for a train wreck.  This isn’t a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.  Investors lulled to sleep by the low paper price of gold are losing out on the best buying opportunity of a lifetime.  The precious metals will be one of the best insurance policies to own when the U.S. Dollar finally catches on fire and burns down the entire system.
There are several gold theories circulating around the alternative media on how the global financial situation will play out going forward.  While it’s impossible to really know how events will turn out in the future, there are some theories that I can guarantee, WILL NOT TAKE PLACE.
I will not get in to the particulars in this article, but rather provide two charts and a bit of common sense that will destroy the FAULTY GOLD CONSPIRACIES.