rocketWith silver looking like it may have finally shaken off the shackles of a brutal 5 year beat down by the cartel, Bix Weir joins ‘V’ The Gorilla Economist for an EXPLOSIVE interview:
Once the last ounce is sold that’s when the price goes from $15 to $5,000 because as the price rises – and the market riggers know this, the Fed knows this, the US Treasury knows this – that’s when people start getting interested in silver...”

silverAs gold goes higher over the next couple years, the ratio is going to collapse on a percentage basis… and that’s why I think we will ultimately see triple-digit silver…

Just as Constantine, Putin has a sizeable landmass for a nation, vast in resources with a need to keep his economy growing and his citizens focused.
Perhaps the Russian Orthodox Church is just that vehicle he needs to foster continued support and patriotism among the Russian people… 

gold volcano eruptionGold and related assets continue to stun most analysts and investors as they surge relentlessly higher against American fiat currency. 
While gold has risen dramatically, the powerful inverse head and shoulders bottom pattern now in play suggests that the upside fun may soon accelerate…

storm tsunamiThe move up in the precious metals sector since January 20th is the market story of the year so far.
There’s a FLOOD of capital on the sidelines that stands ready to move into the sector but that is waiting for a big price pullback before initiating or adding to position. 

return kingVictory is nigh, friends. Here I STAND! As silver prepares to cross the 18 dollar mark, I declare that the days of metal crushing/stomach churning/call option-destroying are over!
And 5 years after May 1st 2011, I say without hesitancy: SILVER STACKERS on the 5TH YEAR LOOK TO THE EAST (SGE)…. IT IS ON!!!!