volcanoAre Gold and Silver Prices Getting Ready to BLOW?
Bo Polny Issues a Call for $100 Silver, and $10,000 Gold Ahead: 

crashThe real tell here will be moving into the next week or two… in the next week or two we should see a significant move… or at least the beginning of a significant move to the downside in this market.

end collapseHow will gold and silver respond to a Global Financial COLLAPSE?  
Silver expert David Morgan explains it could be the Biggest Move in Precious Metals in Modern Times…

silver ride hangWe start with silver because we continue to hold that silver will outperform gold during the next move higher in the Precious Metals, over time.  The base shown on the chart is substantial for supporting a considerable rise in price, and we project it to the $36.50 level.  This presumes that a normal bull market unfolds.
If economic collapse occurs, then HANG ON for price rises that few have ever experienced in this arena…

Life goes on for a while, though many people know the mortality. There are futile attempts at quarantine and controls. But they are useless. It doesn’t take much for system failures to begin.
Panic eventually roils markets; viral financialization of everything and financial bubbles in all directions…

There have been 1274 Islamic terror attacks already in 2016.
These attacks have been spread across 50 different nations, and as a result of these attacks more than 11,000 people have been killed.
When are we going to finally wake up and understand how serious this threat really is?

explosionMining stocks appear ready for another big upside move. 
With gold in a state of scarcity and with the mining stocks historically undervalued in relation to the price of gold and silver, the mining stocks have the potential to make a move that will rival the move made by the internet stocks in from 1998 – 2000.