Are You Ready for the Bottom?

Forget college, and don’t even worry about high school….  

Longtime silverbug and SD member (who personally asked us if he could remain anonymous) living on the border and working for a global manufacturer of wiring harnesses confirms: “It’s not just cars they’re moving, it’s everything”. One-offs and cherry picked data can be coincidence, but as more companies head south of the border, coincidence becomes a trend, and that trend is is hard to buck once it starts.

SD has been covering the ongoing slump in US Mint sales for some time now, but, it’s not just the metals.  Our friend Dave Kranzler writes “This has been the worst existing home sales season…since 2011.” Now that year strikes a nerve with Silverbugs, but Dave’s breakdown of the latest Existing Home Sales report reminds us that right now, EVERYTHING is in a slump.

Thinking about retirement in 2 or even 20 years?  It’s situation critical as SRSrocco informs us that “Regrettably, Americans have no idea that their monthly retirement contributions are not being saved, nor stored in a nice gold vault, rather they are being squandered to pay the lucky slobs who retired before them…”

In September 2014, the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) established a physical gold trading and custody platform aimed at international gold investors, launching this platform as the “Shanghai International Gold Exchange (SGEI)“.  Below is an inside look at the mechanics behind the Gold Exchange…

When does trading digital paper become better than trading paper gold? When it’s Bitcoin of course! The Party is absolutely rockin’ over at Cryptoland!  Hurry in before last call, wouldn’t want to miss out on the party of the century!  Having passed the price of gold earlier in the year (even though that is like comparing apples to oranges), Bitcoin has now surpassed the infamous GLD in trading volume.  

Harvey Organ suspects MASSIVE short covering by the bankers – Mentions short covering not yet happening in silver.  Are we seeing that short covering this morning in silver as shown by the pop and stout resilience after two pre-market attacks? It does appear the rare yet bullish Loch Ness Monster trade is spotted…

Don’t let the second-longest bull market in history lull you into a false sense of security.  History shows what comes next usually isn’t pretty.
You need to realize there are lots of risks out there today.  And you need to get some money outside the U.S…

The gold-futures and silver-futures short positions held by speculators have rocketed up to extremes in recent weeks.  These elite traders are aggressively betting for further weakness in gold and silver prices.  But history has proven extreme shorts are a powerful contrarian indicator.  Right as speculators wax the most bearish as evidenced by their collective bets, gold and silver decisively bottom and birth major new rallies.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, gave a rare interview to a media outlet in the US that aired Tuesday, and what he said is taking many aback.
“Even if our government was completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed.
 We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind.”