What are the impacts on the miners when the cartel drops $100 billion of paper metals on the markets in nanosecods?

Metals Price ChartSD Exclusive Weekly Outlook: “If anything comes out of left field, a quick repricing in the metals could follow”

The gold-futures and silver-futures short positions held by speculators have rocketed up to extremes in recent weeks.  These elite traders are aggressively betting for further weakness in gold and silver prices.  But history has proven extreme shorts are a powerful contrarian indicator.  Right as speculators wax the most bearish as evidenced by their collective bets, gold and silver decisively bottom and birth major new rallies.

Don’t let the second-longest bull market in history lull you into a false sense of security.  History shows what comes next usually isn’t pretty.
You need to realize there are lots of risks out there today.  And you need to get some money outside the U.S…

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, gave a rare interview to a media outlet in the US that aired Tuesday, and what he said is taking many aback.
“Even if our government was completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed.
 We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind.” 


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If you know anyone in Australia please forward them this information. But, even if you are lucky enough to not live in the outdoor prison called Australia, the War on Cash is a worldwide attack on humanity by the Zionist Rothschild banking cartel and will be coming to a country near you soon.
Make sure to trade their fiat scrip for some gold bullion, silver bullion and bitcoin before it is too late.

Since the United States became a nation there has never been a total eclipse that was only visible here and nowhere else.
On August 21st, that will change…

We can stop this system simply by moving away from it. That is, selling US dollars and other fiat currencies for gold, silver and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
That’s right, no shots need be fired, nor a drop of blood lost and this entire evil system can disappear almost overnight.

Four weeks ago, after gold had corrected down from nearly $1,300 to around $1,240, I tweeted out that I was thinking about re-entering the JNUG (Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3X ETF) market and proceeded to launch into one of my classic invectives on why the Commercials were going to get toasted and why I should be considered the Crown Prince of non-Linear Thinking in my self-amused prowess in “smoking the criminals.”
I was early—which means I was wrong, dead wrong…