Is it just a coincidence that we have seen violence erupt all over America since the unveiling of the arch that served as a gateway to the Temple of Baal in New York City on September 19th?
First there were the terror attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, then there were the unprecedented riots in Charlotte, and over the weekend there was a horrific mass shooting near Seattle.
All of these events took place within a week after the Arch of Triumph was put up in New York.
Baal was an ancient deity that was often associated with violence and bloodshed, and those that erected this arch have no idea what they are messing with…

silver-mine“This is outright incompetence or fraud, or both.”
The First Majestic short report issued by Kerrisdale was nothing more than a fraud-filled hit-job:

TrumpTonight’s Presidential Debate Will Be “A Singular Moment in American History.” 
Here’s What Donald Trump Must Do To DESTROY Hillary Tonight:

gold vault
A view of Nazi gold on shelves in the Palazzo Koch vaults, Rome…

Are you ready for the most anticipated presidential debate in decades?  
The mainstream media would have us believe that the U.S. economy is in pretty good shape, and if that was true that would seem to favor Clinton. 
But is it actually true?
The following are 26 incredible facts about the economy that every American should know for the Trump-Clinton debate…

storm-wave-tsunamiGold will likely soar to a record within five years as asset bubbles burst in everything from bonds to credit and equities, forcing investors to find a haven”, reported Bloomberg last week, quoting Old Mutual Global Investors’ Diego Parrilla.
The metal is at the start of a multi-year bull run with a “few thousand dollars of upside” in a world of “monetary policy without limits” where central banks print lots of money and low or negative interest rates prevail…

AGXIIKDoes it come as any surprise that some of us buy real assets, even if it’s a few ounces of silver a week, like some of our stalwarts?
If nothing else,
it’s a middle finger f you to the elites who would have us by the knackers to do their bidding…

Was Hillary nearly killed in a plane crash during a doomed secret meeting with Iran?
Clinton was reportedly discovered unconscious and “bleeding profusely…”


burning-mic-fireWith Gold and Silver Prices Smashed Again Friday Afternoon, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Mic Was SMOKING…

It seems that Shanghai pricing is higher than the other  two , (NY and London). The spread has been occurring on a regular basis and thus I expect to see arbitrage happening as investors buy the lower priced NY gold and sell to China at the higher price.
This should drain the comex…

Buy Gold Bars at SD BullionGold surged sharply this week after the Yellen Fed yet again chickened out on raising its benchmark interest rate.  Gold-futures speculators’ irrational fear of Fed rate hikes has been a major drag on gold.  And rate-hike risks just plummeted in the coming months, since the Fed can’t risk acting heading into this year’s critical US presidential election.  So gold’s next major upleg was likely just unleashed by the Fed.

SprottIs the next MAJOR BULL RALLY in gold and silver prices underway?
The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott explains:
The Unintended Consequences have OVERWHELMED the Central Banks…

A peaceful valley in the mountains of Colorado becomes a battleground pitting the federal government against a rural sheriff’s department.
Sheriff Bear Ellison finds himself increasingly isolated as he is forced to decide between risking his life protecting a local hero, or reneging on his oath and handing him over to federal prosecutors…

nuclear-collapse-endEconomic World War 3?
Bill Holter believes We May Not Make it Till the Elections…