He says the other option is a totalitarian police state with total control and no civil rights, and since we’re building it “turn-key”, it’s all at the flip of the switch. John says gold & silver stackers will be rewarded under a currency reset, but there are steps to follow…

They are killing the dollar. The question is, once the US dollar is mortally wounded, how much time will we have as we go from “weakening” to “absolutely worthless”? If the Russian government “by next year” order has anything to do with it, we don’t have much time at all…

Harley Schlanger warns Americans that a coup is underway to effect regime change and turn the United States into a Banana Republic. Here is where things are today…

Iran, North Korea, Russia, and now…China???

As the markets take pause over the next couple of hours in preparation for the Fed headline and consequent market tape action at 2PM EST, war drums are sounding all over the place.

Just a reminder that all is not well with geo-politics, and every nation is stating it’s case!


Tensions Are Heating Up Between U.S., China, Russia, and North Korea.
Will This Lead to WWIII?

Jim Willie Returns For An Exclusive Analysis on WW 3 – AND GOLD…


Expert Analyst David Morgan Warns Trump’s Tax Plan Could Cause the Fed to Need to Print MASSIVELY, Ending in a U.S. Dollar Collapse…

With about 22% of the world’s gas and oil reserves under the Arctic sea ice, what was once Santa’s Winter play land may soon turn into another internationally contested geo-political hot spot.


“When monetary systems fail, they take us to war.

In his latest article, George Soros puts forth a stark warning, and one that has implications for all of mankind.
Soros, who has previously warned of coming riots and widespread collapse in America, says time is running short for the United States and China to cooperate in political and financial spheres.  Failure, says the multi-billionaire, will undoubtedly lead to a widespread conflagration within a decade.
And we’re not just talking about a war of words or a cold conflict – we’re talking all out nuclear war.