With about 22% of the world’s gas and oil reserves under the Arctic sea ice, what was once Santa’s Winter play land may soon turn into another internationally contested geo-political hot spot.


“When monetary systems fail, they take us to war.

In his latest article, George Soros puts forth a stark warning, and one that has implications for all of mankind.
Soros, who has previously warned of coming riots and widespread collapse in America, says time is running short for the United States and China to cooperate in political and financial spheres.  Failure, says the multi-billionaire, will undoubtedly lead to a widespread conflagration within a decade.
And we’re not just talking about a war of words or a cold conflict – we’re talking all out nuclear war.

PutinThe enormous effort by eastern hemisphere countries to diversify their reserves out of the dollar and into physical gold is quite remarkable.
The latest reports out of Russia show that is has cut its dollar exposure in half since January 2014 and appears to be accelerating its accumulation of gold:

Russia-gold-Russia and Saudi Arabia have signed six new cooperation deals in an event that signifies a reversal of Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Russia under its new king.
While the U.S. “fiddles” militarily all over the globe, wasting trillions on the its mythological “war on terror” in an effort to maintain a grip on its world superpower status, the rest of the developed world is working on re-setting the global “chess board.”

nuclearThe West is impotent to prevent Armageddon. It is up to Russia and China, and as Washington has framed the dilemma, Armageddon can only be prevented by Russia and China accepting vassal status.
This is not going to happen… 
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no bottomWith a notable shift in gold and silver’s trading patterns this week, The Doc joined Finance & Liberty for an in-depth interview discussing:

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Hyperinflation coming in the U.S.?
– Greece to default and/or leave the Euro?
– War between Russia and the U.S.?
– Precious metal market update
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Saudi Arabia has sent a delegation to Moscow for the purpose of once again attempting to lure Russia away from its current interests in the Middle East, and into line behind Riyadh and its underwriters in Washington.
However, vacillating in the past between toothless threats and absurd promises of lavish economic deals, the Saudis have accomplished only one thing in their recent string of diplomatic maneuvering, and that is to telegraph immense weakness and desperation ahead of their next visit.
Indeed, if on Earth there is one nation that needs Russia the most, it might be Saudi Arabia.
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On May 23, 2015 Russian President Vlaldimir Putin signed into law a new bill from the Duma that now gives prosecutors power to declare foreign and international organizations “undesirable” in Russia and shut them down…

Battle for the Balkans II
I’ve recently written about the likely offer from the Kremlin, to advance as much as $5 billion dollars to Greece for the transit fees, which would come from the new Turk Stream pipeline going through their country.  Now, whether or not this deal is ever tabled or accepted, it cannot “fix” Greece, and it cannot stop the default which must occur there.  Nevertheless, this proposition is creating alot of brouhaha, and it darn well should!  This offer (not to mention the pipeline itself) would be a real game changer, not just for Greece, but for the balance of power in much of Eastern Europe.

This pipeline is such a brilliant “run-around”, that it threatens all the work that DC has conspired to bring about in Ukraine.  
After all….if this thing is constructed, then Ukraine will be by-passed, and basically become an afterthought in the energy transit wars.  

Americans would be quite surprised to know that even with all the U.S. Government sanctions and threats of war with Russia, we still import a significant amount of petroleum from the former communist country.
How much petroleum does the United States import from Russia?  Actually, a lot more when we focus on net imports.

Forget Fukushima, the worst nuclear disaster in human history is baack….

It’s like Chernobyl all over again…”

Surely its just a co-incidence that the largest Ukrainian forest fire since 1992 just happens to be converging on Chernobyl…precisely while the US is attempting to provoke Russia into WW3 by destabilizing the Urkaine…right?

The Russian military is in the midst of a sweeping modernization program, and it is currently developing some incredibly impressive offensive and defensive next-generation weapons that are designed to be used in a future war with the United States.
The key to winning World War III will be to strike hard and to strike fast, and the Russians understand this. 

Below are just a few of the next-generation weapons that Russia will use against the United States during the next great global war…

(L-R) Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African President Jacob Zuma join their hands at a group photo session during the 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza July 15, 2014 (Reuters / Nacho Doce)

As Russia assumes the chairmanship of the BRICS business council, the launch of the New Development Bank for its members will begin as an alternative to the US-dominated International Monetary Fund (IMF).