Putin ammo shortage

Gold & currency expert Alasdair Macleod joined The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for an EXPLOSIVE show discussing: 

  • End game to Russian Ruble collapse: Putin may take the Ruble onto the GOLD STANDARD- if Russia detonates this Nuclear Financial Weapon, the West is DEAD! 
  • Did the US/Saudi Arabia plan the oil crash to collapse Russia & the Ruble? -Putin’s counter-move could result in an EPIC BACKFIRE for the West
  • Is a Global currency crisis is in the making!?!
  • Alasdair provides his outlook on gold & silver, and explains why 2015 is likely to be an EXPLOSIVE YEAR for the metals after a prolonged consolidation- but PM investors won’t like what comes along with MASSIVELY HIGHER gold & silver prices! 

The MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets With special guest Alasdair Macleod is below: 

silver dragon

The Rise of the Dragon

From the LIBOR Scandal, to silver and gold-market rigging, to currency rigging, if you want to find the culprits behind every scandal, every crime, then look no further than the elite families (like the Rothschilds) who have, within its borders, comfortably run every dastardly con and wicked scheme imaginable. They’ve been able to do so, because here, in his “Square Mile” cave, this corporate/banking Dragon safely rests beyond the reach of parliament in Westminster, and beyond the reach of any governing body in existence.
The head of the Hydra, in this den of dragons, is the Bank of England itself, the darkest force behind the con, behind the rigging, behind the schemes, behind the wars, and ultimately behind the British invasion of 9 out of 10 countries on earth, over its existence.


It has been our increased awareness in seeing the changes of media and their attacks on everything Precious Metals,  that has made our determinations stronger.   We have proven over and over again,  and for years now,  that there is direct and intentional manipulations in Silver and Gold by the entire central banking system as well as the governments they support,  to bury the prices of precious metals to keep people from seeing the problems inherent within the fiat system we live in today.
The cartel has released their latest Hit Piece on gold and silver:

Jamie Dimon

As of Sunday night, December 21 – effective for Monday, December 22 – the Comex is implementing “Price Fluctuation Limit Rules”.
The “price fluctuation limits” kick in for $100 moves in gold and $3 moves in silver.
The question I have is, why now?
Why not in April 2011 after silver was dismantled in price and went into free-fall?
Why not in September 2011 when gold started to go into free-fall?

Just what exactly, are the banksters scared stiff of at the bottom of the market? 

silver smash

The banksters obliterated gold and silver today as Russia announced an emergency rate hike of 650 basis points, raising rates on the Ruble from 10.5% to 17%, sending the USD plunging vs the RUB! 
Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:

caption contest

With PM’s rallying while oil & equities crash, in this week’s Metals & Markets The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • Repatriation Musical Chairs continues: Austria considering repatriating 225 tons of gold from the Bank of England- is France next?
  • Gold & silver rallying while oil & the equity markets roll over- what’s going on?
  • GOFO Rates Surge Positive- did the recent bounce free up bullion? 
  • Venezuela on brink of hyperinflation & collapse- a prelude of whats to come in the US?
  • 2015 Shaping up for Serious Turmoil- Will a Squadron of Black Swans Fly in 2015?

The Doc & Eric Dubin break down all the action in this week’s frenzied markets below: 

war battle manipulation

On Sunday morning I felt in my gut, that this just wasn’t over.  I still don’t think it’s over!
Watching the silver and gold charts open back up,  I knew it spelled fresh attacks!   
The Vampires had indeed dodged the Golden Dagger, and were thus emboldened to come out in the night air, and feed among the unsuspecting….and that feeding climaxed all the way down to a $14.45 price point in silver!
Under normal circumstances, you might’ve expected a bottom by now….but brothers, hear me:
These are not ordinary circumstances!  Something BIG is coming…

cartel raid

Gold straddled the 1200 dollar mark at midnight as the bankers were adamant to not let gold pass this important mark in the sand.  Obviously the bankers have huge toxic derivatives underwritten at these levels.
However by 3 am (London first fix) gold traded at $1208.40.  Then immediately the bankers went to work knocking the metal back down to exactly 1200 dollars again.  It then rose to $1213.00 by the 2nd London fix at 10 am and then it settled as indicated above (comex closing and access market close).
Silver was much more volatile and the bankers were intent on knocking this precious metal down despite gold being higher.
This is a signal that an attack will be coming forth tomorrow.

Perception MOPE

It’s no surprise to see the Swiss “no” vote serve as a prop for a bear raid on thinly traded Sunday/Monday paper gold and silver trading.  But beware, any attempt to judge market reaction at this stage of the game is risky.
Between the painting of the tape by the cartel and the admittedly present but certainly less impactful and less numerous longs exiting a busted trade in the wake of the “no” vote (because the smart money was already “out” of the long trade), it would be wise to judge market reaction over the next 48 hours, not thinly traded Sunday/Monday trading.

But don’t tell that to Bloomberg…


In this interview with Finance and Liberty, Golden Jackass editor Jim Willie discusses:

  • U.S. Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles- is this the first sign of a massive physical shortage of precious metals?
  • GLD and ScotiaMocatta being drained of physical gold
  • The U.S. government has ALREADY DEFAULTED on its debt; China is taking control
  • How returning to a gold standard might work
  • Willie’s outlook on Gold- why a MASSIVE MOVE to $18,000/oz is coming

Jim Willie’s MUST LISTEN interview with Elijah Johnson is below: 


This week’s COT report in gold reveals that the large speculators (non-commercials) having their shorts ripped off them as they flee their positions in fear (or stops were tripped by the sudden price jumping “up like a ROCKET” and they could not cover certain short positions fast enough.
But which short positions did they cover, the recent short positions taken or the ones taken at much higher prices? What we see in the commercials is BUYING.  
What we see the day after the COT Week is a MUGGING.
They are masters at this game and the hard and fast rule is THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.

gold smash

As we approach December contract expiration AND the vote on The Swiss Gold Initiative, you’d better expect more volatility like we had this morning.
In fact, anyone with a queasy stomach had better just shut off their computer for the next 10 days.

So here we were, enjoying the morning.   The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Then, WHAM!!
Whoa, wait a minute, hold on just a second!  What the heck happened here?