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As the 30 year charts below clearly demonstrate, since 2011 the powers-that-be have done a great job levitating paper markets and suppressing commodities markets.  They have considerable resources, massive quantities of fiat currency, considerable influence over the media and government statistics, and the power of the banking cartel and “printing press” behind them.
They possess the motive, means and opportunity, so there should be no surprise at their success levitating paper markets.

But really, how long can fiat paper markets be levitated?  There are signs of strain everywhere:

too big to jail

A rare event occurred this past week; the CFTC charged a major food company, Kraft, Inc., with price manipulation in the wheat market.
The real question is why the selective prosecution of the law?  Why is the CFTC going after Kraft on a complicated case with an alleged payoff that looks like chump change (around $5 million total profit to Kraft), when public data indicate JPMorgan shorts the silver market whenever prices rise to cap and drive prices lower in order to profit on those short sales and accumulate silver at unfairly low prices; with JPM’s cumulative illicit take running into the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars?
Why is JPMorgan above the law?
Here’s why:


In this brilliant interview, Fund Manager William Kay explains why Markets No Longer Exist, why PMs are the most asymmetric opportunity on his screen, and why derivatives will trigger an EPIC market crash…likely in 2015:

The most asymmetric opportunity on our screen is precious metals, and arguably silver could be even more exciting than gold

It would seem apparent that the system has been hijacked by the same people who caused it to implode 6 years ago. The set-up now is not similar to 2008-09, its much, MUCH worse!
There will be a loss of control…when that occurs, the system implodes on itself with no ability to rescue it.
Overhanging the system are a $quadrillion in derivatives linked to low interest rates.  When that $quadrillion in derivatives has to make a major adjustment to an era of higher interest rates, the liklihood of a major financial series of accidents- or a MELT-DOWN, is extremely high.
2008 was just a Tea Party to what’s coming…likely in 2015… 


With gold & silver smashed yet again this week, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the trading and bring focus back to the BIG PICTURE, discussing:

  • SDR Basket change this fall?  Eric explains why it’s likely and it’s consequences  
  • Cartel paints a head and shoulders pattern on silver’s 6-month chart with a target of $12-$13
  • Authorized Purchaser of US Silver Eagles bought out by French bank Soc Gen- metals desk to be SHUT DOWN

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:

Indian gold

Something fundamental has changed in the gold market.  I believe it’s based on an enormous uptick in demand from China (after its Lunar New Year) and from India.  At some point the physical gold market will overwhelm and “break” the ability of the United States to control the price of gold with paper.
I believe that this control is beginning to fade NOW…


Jim Willie returns with an open mic and lots on his mind.
If you’re looking for something to do this holiday weekend, here’s 120 minutes of free-range Golden Jackass to help you kill the time.

Just a few of the topics covered in this MUST LISTEN interview:

  • The Shanghai Gold Exchange, Chinese gold intentions and a discussion of the dollar
  • The Bakken shale fields and crude oil in general
  • The continued growth of swap facilities for the yuan and the growing Chinese bond market
  • Grexit and the EU and the euro and Russia and Turkey…and how these parts fit together

120 MUST LISTEN minutes with Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie & Craig Hemke are below:

Caption Contest 1

As has been documented here ad nauseam, the price of gold is now largely determined solely by fluctuations in the yen. The yen goes down, gold goes down. The yen goes up, gold goes up.
Put more specifically…the dominating computer-driven algo trade is long the USDJPY and short gold.
The easiest way to show this is by inverting the USDJPY chart and plotting it overlaid with gold.
When you do this, you get the chart below…and it’s a fair chart with the vertical axes nearly identical in % change:

David Morgan

Why are governments pushing the value of this precious metals down?
Why is an unconstitutional currency allowed to rule the world?
What can you and I do to hedge what will soon be a rise in this very precious commodity?

David Morgan joins us for an exclusive interview to explain why Western governments are devaluing silver:

chris powell GATA

GATA’s Chris Powell joins CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, discussing gold market manipulation, the failure of mainstream financial news organizations to put critical questions to central banks about their surreptitious intervention in the gold market, the “new” gold fix in London, the market-destroying and imperialistic results of gold price suppression, and the general subversion of democracy by central banking.
Powell’s full MUST WATCH interview is below: 


“January was just loaded with big events…the door was opened to a number of different channels working simultaneously for bringing about what I call the global paradigm shift and that’s basically the retirement of the dollar and the re-installation of the gold standard both in trade and in banking.
Sooner or later we’re going to see a massive flow of major banking systems dumping Treasury bonds because they don’t use them anymore – they don’t want them anymore. And that’s when we’ll see QE4 come into play.”