You Can Call Me A Silverbug This Year Because 2018 Is A Good Mix Of ‘Precious’ And ‘Industrial’

A veteran investor is getting very bullish on silver, so much so that we can go ahead and call him a “Silverbug”. Here’s the details…

Louis James interviewed on Palisade Radio

Lobo Tiggre, better known by the pen name Louis James, discusses the launch of his new investment newsletter “Independent Speculator” and his reasons for starting it. He believes we are approaching an up-turn in resource market and is looking to take advantage of the coming market.

Lobo takes a rigorous approach to investing in stocks, and he puts his own money into his picks. He wants to prove the story which means meeting the people behind the companies and seeing things firsthand. Often the devil is in the details which probably won’t be in a corporate presentation. He says, “the numbers do not tell the whole story.” Mexican Gold Corp has caught his attention and he is planning to visit.

The market both shows scary and promising headlines some are good for precious metals and other news is good for industrial metals. What are you interested in, you need to learn why you should be in speculations so that you know the reasons why you are in them. Play to your strong suit.

Lobo quotes Rick Rule, “You should never confuse inevitable with imminent.” Currently, commodities seem to be in a pattern where the equities aren’t rising as fast. You should look for these price divergences and use them to your advantage. It’s hard to say when markets will shift, but it could come at any point. Look for companies that are making money at today’s prices. The market drivers are what they have always been, fear, greed, and the commodity super-cycle.

Silver is the often unloved step-child, but it follows nicely along with gold, and it’s an industrial commodity. Many people don’t realize that silver is also an energy metal since solar panels use a lot of silver.