Is An April Fools’ Day Joke About To Be Played In The Silver Market..?!?

Surely we’ve bottomed. Right?

(by Half Dollar) Does anybody else get the feeling that silver is about to take a beating?

I mean, why wouldn’t silver be, really?

First of all, they’re going stark raving mad at Everybody’s Favorite Mint Down Under, and by that, I do not mean they’re getting angry, but figuratively, or literally, or whatever, they’re going stark raving mad, and there’s a difference, so they’re not just going to sit back and let a bunch of wannabe traders on an internet forum make them look bad, and so, tomorrow, fittingly, if there is going to be some joke played in the silver market, after today’s “silver raid”, or whatever the Apes are beating their chests about, I really don’t see the joke being played on Everybody’s Favorite Mint Down Under.

They have the Cartel on their side.

The Apes may have some very good people on their side, and I wish them well, but they also have a bunch of Enablers, Stock Pumpers, Technical Armchair Quarterbacks, and other Sleazy Opportunists on their side, so there’s that.

And that ain’t enough!

You can’t fight the Beast.

The only way to Slay the Beast is to Starve the Beast.

And I’m sorry, but by the looks of things, otherwise smart people are totally sure that Everybody’s Favorite Mint Down Under is going down for the count, and it very well may be going down for the count, but I can assure you that it will not be going down without a fight.

Because the Cartel will not go down without a fight, much less will it go down in one.

To make an analogy, the way things stand right now, we essentially have a rag tag group of semi-organized hostiles, “Revolutionaries”, if I may, or “Freedom Fighters”, if you will, or “Terrorists”, if they want, or “Insurrectionists”, if nothing else, with unknown ulterior motives, undisclosed hidden intentions, and questionable levels of honesty, integrity, and sincerity, going up against the full brunt of the United States Military, which, if it really wants to, has the ability to obliterate any hostile group before it was even known to be a thing.

Um, yeah.

Good luck with that.

Perhaps the billboard campaign will help out?

Is that still a thing?

Second of all, in my opinion, the general mood is still too bullish.

I mean, where’s the capitulation in silver?

It ain’t no dang bottom until you get the stinkin’ capitulation, you know!

And I just don’t see that on silver’s daily chart:

Do the technicals even matter?

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Third of all, this pesky little gap in performance is not inspiring a whole lot of confidence:

I say that because the Cartel basically has any narrative it wants at its disposal right now.

Will there be a price smash in silver tomorrow or in early April?

We won’t have to wait long to find out.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart