Will Silver Break Out In 2019? – Something Is Happening! (with David Morgan)

David talks about the very real possibility of silver and gold skyrocketing in value in the near future…

Josh Sigurdson speaks with David Morgan on World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with David Morgan of The Morgan Report and Lode about the very real possibility of silver (and gold) skyrocketing in value in the near future. Now, could this happening in 2019?
David Morgan explains why he’s waiting on gold and what one should likely be looking for before a major bull run.
David also explains why silver is so prevalent historically, especially considering the silver/gold ratio versus a monetary crisis.
With that, David Morgan talks about the incredible possibilities and the overall innovation of Lode and AGX and bringing silver to the crypto world.
David is incredibly passionate about silver and is by far one of the world renowned experts on the subject. He sees the next 3-5 years as the most likely time for a bull run. With that said, a monetary crisis can easily lead to the bull run we’ve been waiting for. It’s an inevitable collapse and it’s convenient that silver has been so heavily manipulated or spoofed by banks around the world to its unbelievably undervalued price.
Of course this isn’t as much about investments as it is about wealth insurance. This is not advice, just our opinion, but history has been a great teacher on this subject.

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