Why The “Apes” (Wall Street Silver) WILL NOT Be Successful In Their Silver Squeeze Or In Ending The Manipulation Of Silver, And Why The Apes’ ADVOCACY Is Now Not Just Full Of Deceit, But COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

There are 80,000+ people being led astray, but hopefully, at least one of them will get this message and snap out of it…

(by Half Dollar) Hey Wall Street Silver: Wanna debate this?

Just send an email to “[email protected]” and I’ll make it happen, for the one thing I think is great about Wall Street Silver is the willingness to call people out!

Or is that not what they do?

And I must say, it is so inspiring, that I’d like to play, and I’d like to call out Wall Street Silver and their Silver Saint!

Wall Street Silver has indeed inspired me to take the gloves off!

Now, I’m sure Wall Street Silver won’t contact me, and neither will Rick Rule for that matter, as I’ve reached out to him numerous times with nary a reply, but really, it should come as no surprise that people generally avoid that which they can’t compete against, much less that which they can’t beat.

Of course, really teaching the so-called “apes” and spilling all the beans would probably get me kicked off of Silver Doctors, something that all the haters would applaud but would actually be worse for all of the Apologists, Armchair Quarterbacks, Experts, Gurus, Propagandists, Pundits, Shills and other Sleazy Opportunists, but in the interest of actual advocacy for silver, since there is such a lack of it, today I think I’ll pull no punches.

So, if you want to know why silver is still sitting under $30 bucks, or why Wall Street Silver’s so called “silver squeeze” will ultimately fail, here’s another specific example (red arrows added for emphasis and commentary):

Arthur Richards “Rick” Rule is not just a warrior, but one of the three main warriors?


You see, Rick Rule is a LONG TIME enemy of silver while parading around as an advocate, wrapping his pseudo-advocacy with faux intellectual speak that sounds all enlightening but is really not much more than nerdy talking points made because he wants to unload a bunch of worthless penny stocks onto you.

Said differently, for years and years and years and years, Rick Rule has been a pumper of worthless penny stocks, and, more importantly, a Gold & Silver Market Manipulation Denier.

I repeat: Rick Rule is a penny stock pumper and manipulation denier.

When it comes to Rick Rule being a Manipulation Denier, here’s only one example of Rick’s shilling and propaganda (video will auto-play at correct timestamp):

Rick says, “Long term manipulation requires a conspiracy of a size that I don’t think is possible. The idea, as an example, that the US government, the Trilateral Commission and the International Jewish Conspiracy, whoever they are [Rick Rule dramatizes by throwing up his hands and rolling his eyes], could come together and do a three decade long manipulation in gold forgets that the US government can’t educate the kids, it can’t deliver the mail, it lost the War on Drugs, it lost the War on Poverty, it lost the War in Vietnam and it lost the War in Afghanistan. HOW ON EARTH COULD THEY ORGANIZE A BROAD SCALE MANIPULATION when they can’t even manage their own campaigns?”.

So, Rick Rule is not just denying the manipulation, but he is OPENLY MOCKING those who rightly call out the manipulation!

Isn’t that what Jeffrey Christian does?


And yet, this Rick Rule guy is not just some warrior, but a main warrior?

Uh, sure he is.

Also, take, for example, this one short interview from 2015:

From that interview, Rick Rule says, among other things (paraphrased & directly quoted):

  • The powers that be don’t care about gold.
  • The powers that be think of gold as a sideshow.
  • Quantitative easing is counterfeiting.
  • “For Rick Rule, QE works EXTREMELY WELL”.
  • “I don’t get sucked into their game as a bond buyer, uh, I have the assets and the income stream so I CAN BORROW MONEY AT ARTIFICIALLY LOW INTEREST RATES”.
  • “For me, personally, QE is a wonderful, wonderful thing”.
  • “I would vote for QE for the rest of time for me, personally”.

Again, is this what a person who’s “on our side” says?

Here’s the rhetorical question, and I hope it hurts: How many “traders”, “investors”, and Gamblers’ trading accounts or worse have blown up because they believed the markets were not manipulated, and said Losers didn’t understand that they were gambling in a rigged casino?

I am a Silver Bug first and foremost, but I am not an Ape.

Just like I am a Deplorable, but I am not a Red Hat.

Regardless, each of the 80,000+ “apes” really needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror.

Because when Wall Street Silver lusts over Rick Rule, who is arguably WORSE THAN JEFFREY CHRISTIAN because Rick is held up as if he was some sort of Silver Saint instead of something else, Wall Street Silver’s actions are not helping to end the manipulation of silver!

It’s simply, at best, raising awareness of the wrong kind.

It’s counterproductive, and therefore, it perpetuates the manipulation of silver.

Here’s the overall point: You can’t end the manipulation of silver when your “leaders” are actually the enemy, and you can’t end the manipulation of silver when your main focus is to pump worthless penny stocks instead of actually advocating for gold & silver.

Hold up Sleazy Salesmen as if they were great warriors?

No wonder Rick Rule collects old military helmets.

That’s what Chairborne Rangers do.

They don’t actually fight.



Half Dollar’s Extra Note –

If anybody actually, honestly cares about ending the manipulation of silver, there’s only one way to do it:

Starve the Beast!

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