It might come to pass that silver is simply not available no matter the prices offered. Junk bullion will go crazy in price and stackers will see their...


Rickards commented that US debt to GDP is 140%. Any additional public debt funding does nothing to stimulate the economy. It creates fierce head winds that slow economic growth, forcing us to slog through oceans of sanitized dollars rather than more normal ways of stimulating growth.

CB’s hold the equivalent of $30 trillion of toxic FIAT nothingness clogging up the global monetary intestinal track. With global debt at $330 trillion, this is explosively inflationary and deflationary at the same time.

Total silver held in all hands is $150 billion. Global debt $330 trillion. If all the silver in the world was thrown at this Jenga Tower monstrosity it wouldn’t make a dent. Silver will take a different path.

2000 to 1 ratio debt to silver is too awful to contemplate, yet for stackers we find this a joyous revelation.
I found that an eye opening statistic from Steve. Yet traders may be doomed by these numbers.

With energy increasing in price as GDP and energy usage dips and swerves; we see shortages and demand pressures world wide concurrent with debt accumulation. Debt continues to rise against these numbers. It’s already causing havoc in most markets. Food, base metals, natural gas and coal are the canaries that are coming home to roost.

These factors create a rush to silver and gold with a hard price push as people come to realized, slowly then quickly, what they thought they saw in front of them, whatever that might be, is actually a depression-like economy that’s slowing substantially then comes to a full stop.

Inflation. Deflation. Stagnation. Heck on wheels. This will not be your father’s 1970s decade.

The rush to catch up on these very personal problems will become a chaotic race to get through small and crowded doors—like the deadly crush of hysterical crowds at the Houston concert. People can mostly be relied on to make fairly rational decisions in the quiet of their homes and offices. People behave badly when the crowd’s flogged by fear and desperation

Covid vax-port regulations and the Commonweal Fear Factors are further goads to reactionary trading even as we tread water in a time when a slight residual of normalcy sentiment remains. Call this the calm before the storm. The Fed and all other central banks throw debt-based digital dollars on the waves with hopes to calm turbulent seas. The appearance of troubled times cannot be hidden much longer. An exponentially increasing Fear Factor dominates at 2, 4, 16 and 64
We all feel it no matter how hard we attempt to think rationally and try to pass through this parlous period.

With silver in increasingly short supply, the price boom is inevitable.

The questions of when and how much silver can rise will soon be seen when silver’s place as the red headed step child’s position on the seating chart moves to First Chair then the head of the table. Silver will see it’s worth validated as an essential metal. It’s something Steve StAngelo at the SRS Rocco reports on daily. He doesn’t delve into price speculation yet his data-wonked prognostications are substantial.

I’d say he’s very much spot on yet makes his statements in lingo that’s quite different from popular silver speakers who talk in heated voices that silver will hit $100-500 an ounce soon.
I think that all the pundits will be proven correct eventually but for different reasons.

There will come a day when the professionals who talk about silver will be right, even if their methods used to achieve these conclusions arrive on different trains, planes and automobiles One thing certain, all rely on silver to get the wheels moving.

Some may even arrive on horseback and that’s fine with me too. That’d be an elegant statement, adding to the authenticity as a silver rider comes to the same place as everyone else but comes to the table in a more organic manner, or even a blaze of glory.

It might come to pass that silver is simply not available no matter the prices offered. Junk bullion will go crazy in price and stackers will see their time in the sun.

The question now is how to do we get a guest pass on this 4th Turning rough ride; to survive long enough to enjoy the fruits of our trading and stacking; to be rewarded on the other side for our patience and indefatigable resolve to see this era through to its conclusion. Those of us who measure our silver in suitcases will be happy with our decisions. Those who invest in PM miners might also enjoy the upward price rise ride.

It’s either that or subscribing to the Green New Deal perpetual motion self licking ice cream cone paradigm as the GND meets its Minsky moment entropy energy cliff, instantly becoming a heavier-than-air Wile E. Coyote destined to pancake on the canyon floor

I think it’s kind of humorous in a nasty sort of way when viewing people who think that green energy is a endless fountain of cheap kilowatts handed to them to run their AI self driving gadgets and gizmos when, in reality, silver’s the magic middle ground metal; itself a partial pathway to the new world of energy abundance as it assumes its place as the most important thing in the universe.
Unless silver goes into hiding like a beaten dog who doesn’t believe it’s safe to come out, it may still seem a bit anxious as it’s welcomed in a new era of real price discovery

Most of the academics who support the GND are little more than beanie wearing propeller heads employed by government agencies laden with billion dollar infrastructure USDA grants, the sole purpose of which is compiling a dingleberry census of Holstein heinies. Some are also members of Congress.

Without silver we are very much 18th century;

Horse and wagon, the pox, whale oil lamps and sheep as the new internet porn.

Inquiring minds want to know what the heck is going on here. There are answers but they hide in plain sight