WAR! Gold Launches Past $1975 And Silver Surges Past $25.70 On Latest War (Former CCCP, Not Current CCP)

Crude oil is ON FIRE at $100 per barrel, and the precious metals are RED HOT!!!

(by Half Dollar) February is apparently ending with a bang, although the month technically doesn’t actually come to a close until next week, which is plenty enough time for some fun chaotic times in the “market”, and while I don’t pretend to know exactly what is truly going on with this latest “war”, as only some of the racketeers know, that which I do know because I have seen first hand and on multiple occasions that war is racket, gold & silver are on the move higher again this Thursday morning.

As I speculated the other day, this could either be one of two things:

The market riggers need the price of gold and silver higher for one reason or another, so they’re ramping up the price and using this latest “war” as cover for the move, or the market riggers are setting up one epic bull trap in the Rigged Casino.

Personally, I hope it’s the latter, because not only does one of my now favorite pseudo-wartime hobbies include spectating the blowing up of the gamblers’ account balances in the Rigged Casino, but primarily because I’d really love to back up the truck for silver in the teens, and I have been planning on it, really, and if it turns out that I’m proven wrong about my call, I’ll have to re-work the math to figure out my newest preferred back up the truck price, and additional fancy math right now isn’t currently my thing with tax season in full swing, but don’t get to thinking that ‘Ol Half Dollar is throwing in the towel.

I’m not.

I mean, we’ve seem some capitulation with a few of the Old Timers selling out to jump and pump on the Bitcoin and “crypto” “currency” bandwagons, but I’m not sure we’ve seen the capitulation in gold & silver.

Furthermore, between what my 9th-grade son is asking me about You-Know-Who invading You-Know-Where, and the YouTube streamed TV propaganda from foreign countries (Mexico in my case) clearly sympathizing with if not outright enabling the war machine, for all we know, there could be The Greatest Peace Deal Ever reached by Sunday evening and The Most Beautiful Financial Market Bloodbath Ever come Monday.

Depending on perspective, of course.

As I’ve said before, I won’t get excited about gold until we hit $2067:

Because additional proof the US dollar has already hyperinflated is always exciting.

And when it comes to silver:

Always at the ready.

Not trigger happy.

Not trigger shy…