US Mint Ceases Production On Worse Selling Silver Eagle In 9 Years

As the 2018 American Silver Eagle coin goes on pre-sale, the US Mint ceases production on the 2017 American Silver Eagle coin which recorded the lowest mintage in nine years….

This has been a very slow year for American Silver Eagle sales. The 2017 Silver Eagle was minted 20,000,000 times less than the 2016 Silver Eagle and 30,000,000 less times than the 2015 Silver Eagle…

Recall from just a couple of years back:

In mid-2015 the US Mint sold out of their 2015 Silver Eagle production, and because of the inability to keep up with demand, the US Mint put authorized purchasers on “allocation”, which is just a fancy way of saying that the mint was rationing their production because of the inability to meet the stout demand.

The mint ultimately sold 47,000,000 American Silver Eagles in 2015 and broke the record for number of silver coins sold in a year.

In 2016, the bullion coin program celebrated its 30th anniversary, and the mint maintained the allocation of Silver Eagle coins for several months, ultimately ending the rationing on July 18th.

Although not a record breaking year like the prior, total sales for 2016 were 37,701,500.

Louis Cammarosano over at Smaulgld has been tracking Silver Eagle sales all year with this graph:


US Mint Silver Eagle sales in 2017 have been lower in every month when compared to 2016 except for the month of July.

With the mintage on the 2017 Silver Eagle coin being the lowest produced in nearly a decade, many collectors are speculating if this low mintage figure will result in higher premiums in the future (due to supply and demand). It’s not a stretch to assume this since there was a 63% reduction in mintage numbers when comparing 2015 sales to 2017.

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