Think Gold & Silver Have Bottomed? Then Don’t Look At These Three Events Starting On Friday

So, we’ve seen the capitulation in silver, have we?

(by Half Dollar) I’m going to cut the Flip Flopping Chart Huggers some slack today.

Therefore, I’m just going to bring up three points, and a bonus point, about gold & silver.

First, China’s Golden Week begins on Friday, and there’s an old saying about that, you know?

It goes something like this: “When those dang Chinese commies are away, the Cartel will play”!

Here’s the point: Remember what happens in a “thinly traded” gold & silver “market”, especially when other nation’s markets are closed for holiday.

Here’s the question: Why, exactly, would the Cartel not take advantage of the current cards up its sleeves?

Secondly, It’s forever and a day until the next Jobs Report, which will be released on Friday, October 8th.

You know how rock songs of creativity gone by used to have guitar solos, bridges, climaxes and crescendos?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

Thirdly, October 1st begins the fourth quarter and the so-called “tax loss selling”.

That’s what the System Apologists, Enablers, Shills and Worse say, isn’t it?

Shameless Plug Time: It talked about the short-term outlook for silver, and so many things, really, just yesterday:

Thank you for your consideration!

And on to the bonus point: Everybody is still too bullish.

That is to say, if you scan Twitter, way too many people are certain the bottom is in, when in all reality, if that was the capitulation in silver, that was the weakest capitulation I’ve seen in quite some time:

Good thing I’m giving the Flip Flopping Chart Huggers a break today!

Of course, people have short memories, or ulterior motives, or something, about just how agonizingly brutal the Cartel can make it for Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors, such as at the end of October in 2015:


This time is different?