The Silver Riggers Are Now Playing With Fire

fireThe Riggers of the Silver Market Are Now PLAYING WITH FIRE. 
Here’s Why:


From The Wealth Watchman:

A Deadly Game

Hello brothers, in this Clarion Call, we take aim at recent events in silver, and then hone on brand-spanking new market events that will weigh HEAVILY on precious metal riggers into 2017.  

Things like:

-The recent Deutsche Bank settlement, and why it’s crucial for the authorities.

-Why the confession by the banks, and the daily evidence of emails at the silver fix, is the “Wikileaks dump” of precious metals we’ve been waiting for. 

-India’s decision to demonetize larger rupee notes, and why it affected their gold market.

-The decision of Indian officials to confiscate gold acquired in certain circumstances, and why this is incredibly good news for silver.

-Janet Yellen’s recent decision to raise interest rates, and what effect this will have on silver and gold prices.

-Why the market riggers are in such a dangerous place, if they continue aggressively prosecuting lower silver prices.

–Why India’s recent silver imports were the highest in 6 months, and where we go from here in 2017.

-Where silver has become a real value play in India, relative to gold.

-Why Yellen’s actions just proved Donald Trump correct about the Federal Reserve.