The Silver Market May Be Quiet Right Now But The Silver Price Can’t Go Much Lower

Cost of production and future supply problems place a floor on the price of silver, and this contrarian indicator may be the the best news in six years…

Eric Dubin and Jason Burack on Welcome to Dystopia Episode #41

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist Eric Dubin are back for Episode #41 of Welcome to Dystopia.

In today’s episode, Jason and Eric discuss the recent developments from the Commitment of Traders (COT) reports for silver, which might be the first piece of (contrarian) good news for silver in years!

Jason and Eric discuss why the silver market probably can’t crash anymore and go much lower despite paper price manipulation but might not move up too much for at least 6 to 12 months. It’s a quiet market and should not be sold by smarter long term investors given the cost of production for silver mining and future supply problems at current silver prices to replace reserves.

Next, Jason talks about how many well respected investors including Jeremy Grantham, Mark Mobius… and others are warning about a large stock market crash in the near future.

Mobius thinks that US stocks will crash by about 30% in 18 months or less.

Also, Jason talks about how many professional money managers and professional investing consultants who advise clients who have billions in assets under management are now telling their clients to start selling their stock positions every time the stock market rallies and to fade the stock market rallies. This selling pressure by “smart money” aka professional investors has increased a lot the last few months especially since the VIX spike in February. The buyers of stock continue to be mostly retail investors through mutual funds, passive investing (ETFs) which is considered “dumb money.” Also, high frequency trading (HFT) hedge funds are still occasionally buying stock but they are only short term focused and don’t care if the stock market does indeed crash in the near future.

Dr. Chris Martenson interviews the Chief Economist of Fannie Mae, Doug Duncan:…

Jason and Eric also discuss how George Soros, Mark Cohodes and other big name investors in the hedge fund community are now moving into for its exposure to Bitcoin and crypto currencies along with starting to buy crypto while many retail investors are swearing off crypto and say they won’t touch it again.

To wrap up the interview, Eric talks about President Trump’s selection of John Bolton as his National Security Advisor and what that means for US foreign policy, foreign wars and entanglements that the US is involved in and what is really going on in Syria.

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