David Morgan: The FUTURE Of Silver…What Does History Tell Us?

With the lack of bullishness in silver, and as the white metal has under-performed with little upside, we must ask, what’s the future of silver?

by Josh Sigurdson interviews David Morgan on World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with David Morgan of The Morgan Report about the many questions many people have asked in recent days regarding silver.

One of the most notable questions regards the lack of silver bullishness in recent years as silver has under-performed with little upside. David Morgan talks about silver as wealth insurance and why we’ve seen so few moves on the upwards trajectory in the past few years and how he’s judged silver going back 50 years as a store of wealth as well as an investment. He talks about the importance of diversifying your portfolio for the future. Also notable is the 26 year high in the gold/silver ratio which has been a major indicator (though some debate its importance) for decades. From the ratio to the scarcity and the potential for there to be a silver deficit that will bring prices up down the road, David breaks down the most need to know information with knowledge you won’t find in many other places.

Also, what happens when the banks (like Deutsche Bank) who’ve been spoofing and manipulating the gold and silver markets for decades inevitably crash? Where will the major commodities go then?

Finally, David Morgan explains why he loves the Red Pill Expo with G. Edward Griffin, Robert Kiyosaki and so many other incredible speakers which of course is happening in June.