The Elephant In The Room The Silver Squeeze Crowd Ignores When It Comes To Their Favorite Silver ETF

There are many, many elephants in the room, actually…

(by Half Dollar) There are many elephants in the room when it comes to the silver ETFs.

First and foremost, the Silver Squeezers have taken to Wall Street to “break the chains of manipulation”, for lack of a better term, but quite frankly, how in the heck does one end the manipulation when one is simply handing over dollars to the rigged casino?

Sure, that was a rhetorical question, but let me go ahead and spoil it for you: It is impossible to break the chains of manipulation by investing in financial market ETFs, for the only way to slay the Beast is to Starve the Beast, so participating in the ETFs and sundry US dollar-based financialized products only makes the Beast stronger, regardless of what is, or is not, supposedly backing said ETFs or products.

Another elephant in the room is the whole ‘Q’-ization conspiratorial angle of it all.

Even though the price suppression, rigging, and market manipulation are totally real, the sheeple are simply not aware, and Manipulation Deniers abound, and they also have loud voices, soap boxes and airtime, and so, much like the so-called ‘Q’-hype, if the Silver Squeeze “movement”, for lack of a better term, becomes too popular for the Cartel, or if the movement pushes too hard or says too much, then all of the sudden the Silver Squeezers will find themselves facing an attack from the mainstream that the Silver Squeezers simply can’t win.

Remember: The Cartel has unlimited funny money, the Cartel has time on its side, and the Cartel has its corrupt MSM Propagandists, all things the Silver Squeezers do not have.

Furthermore, does anybody not get the vibe that the Silver Squeezers are kind of like the Red Hats in general, especially in a “trust the plan” kind of way, not unlike so many Silver Bugs of years back that trusted the plan that China was going to announce its gazillion-tons holding of gold and thrust the world back onto a Gold Standard, or when Basel III was going to be the absolute game changer, or when the SDR was going to be revalued with gold, or when etcetera, etcetera and etcetera?

More importantly, is this kind of trusting in some plan not a path to disappointment, and consequently, a chasing away of new silver investors through yet another possibly lost battle against the Cartel?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, just stop right there because you totally don’t get it man, for the Silver Squeeze is real, and there are big players involved, so quit your whining about it Mr I’m-Too-Dumb-To-Trade-The-Markets-So-I’ll-Just-Pretend-It’s-The-Wrong-Thing-To-Do!”.

I get that, but so what if there are “big players” involved in the Silver Squeeze?

Many of them are Bitcoin Fanboys, Hodlers, Pumpers and Shills too, as well as Traders and Analysts pushing their paid subscription services onto a newfound not insignificant source of subscribers, so there are plenty of “big players” who don’t really get it at all, or they do get it only because they have ulterior motives, and as such, I question the “big players” authenticity and sincerity, as I have done since day one when the original Silver Squeeze post was turned into a pump for First Majestic Silver.

But getting it or not getting it is not the main point.

This is my main point, and the main elephant in the room: Ever heard of The Queen of Canada?

If not, you can learn about her in less than three minutes right here:

That’s not good, eh?

Because to me, when it comes to the silver ETFs, or the Royal Canadian Mint, or whatever, well, changes can happen, and the marching orders for those changes will not come from somebody offering a financialized product, but rather, from the top down, and in this case, coming from way, way, way up top if need be.

Or do changes to silver ETFs not happen, when push comes to shove?

Here are some fun facts from a particular silver ETF, and somebody, anybody, please tell me how any of this is any good (bold added for emphasis):

The Trust is generally exposed to the following risks. See the prospectus of the Trust for a description of these risks: fluctuation in silver price, fund expense risk, cash redemption risk, market price impact due to purchases by the trust, risk of losing London Good Delivery
status, secondary offering at below trading price, unpredictable trading price, future silver price may be lower, risk of asset sale to pay
expenses, uninsured losses, invalid insurance claim, inadequate insurance held by service providers, currency risk for non-U.S. unitholders, limited insurance recovery, losses relating to physical redemption, speculative investment, liquidity risk, limited recourse against bullion custodian, investment risk, redemption risk, bullion custodian risk, trust termination, premium/discount of trading price, suspension of redemption, competition from other silver buyers, sale of trust assets, regulatory status of the trust, reliance on the manager, obligation to reimburse certain liabilities, no management of the trust by unitholders, limited unitholder rights, investment in the trust by affiliates of the manager and the trust, changes in investment objective and restrictions, substantial redemption risk, currency risk, taxation risk, unitholder may be liable for the trust’s obligations, unenforceable actions or judgments.

In just one little paragraph from one single “fact sheet”, it seems like not only can silver investor-adverse changes happen, but they can happen for pretty much any ambiguous reason.

Gambling in the rigged casino will never, ever result in slaying the Beast, even if one thinks he or she is fighting alongside the very best of Dragonslayers.

The only way to slay the Beast is to Starve the Beast, and sadly, because everybody is ‘trusting the plan’ in that some big players, millionaires, and billionaires are suddenly going to come to the rescue of Silver Bugs, Stackers or other Smart Investors around the world, who have been suffering for decades, well, you’d think those same big players, millionaires and billionaires would have come to the rescue already, and if not decades ago, then like in, oh, say, 2011 when they had their chance, or in the 2015 bottom, or in the 2020 double bottom, or whenever, but now all of the sudden the big players, millionaires and billionaires have a change of heart and a clear focus?

Or do they simply need new investors for their favorite miners?

I don’t know.

I’m not smart enough to know.

I’m asking.

And whenever I try to ask the big players, millionaires, and billionaires directly about all of my doubts, well, all I ever get is the sound of crickets that snuck in through the cracked foundation of my basement, and never do I get a reply from any of the Silver Squeeze big players, millionaires or billionaires, which, to say the very least, kind of makes me question their integrity.

Break the chains of manipulation by investing in a silver ETF?

Good luck with that…


Half Dollar’s Special Additional Note to all Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors out there, and especially to the newbies of that most important group, in order of importance, of course: If you don’t think our friendly neighbors to the North will kindly take one for the team, then perhaps a little research into Canada’s gold reserves would be a good place to start.

End of Half Dollar’s Special Additional Note to all Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors.