“The CFTC is closely monitoring recent activity in the silver markets”, And CME Group HIKES Margin Requirements By Nearly 20%!

Did the Cartel just kill the silver paper-price rally?


Half Dollar’s Note: In addition to the CFTC’s statement discussed in the article below, Bloomberg reports margin requirements have been hiked by 18% on silver futures contracts, effective tomorrow, meaning, “put up more money or we’ll sell your position”.


(by Half Dollar) Recall that last week, the SEC stepped in to issue a “statement” on GameStop:

Notice just how much GameStop had surged before the SEC released that statement on the 29th of January, however, and more importantly, notice what has happened to GameStop since.

That said, I’ve still got a bad feeling about this whole “end the manipulation of silver by purchasing shares of the miners and the silver ETFs”, because ending the manipulation is something can’t be achieved by gambling in the rigged casino!

The only way is to Starve the Beast, which, among many things, means you walk out of the freakin’ rigged casino.

But I digress.

For those freedom fighters out there, supposedly “sticking it to da man” by loading up on SLV call options, well, silver’s gone from $27 to $30 in one day, and already, the CFTC is wasting zero time in issuing a statement!

From the CFTC (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Statement of Acting Chairman Rostin Behnam on Trading in Silver Markets

February 01, 2021

Washington, D.C. — Commodity Futures Trading Commission Acting Chairman Rostin Behnam released the following statement regarding recent trading in the silver markets:

“The CFTC is closely monitoring recent activity in the silver markets,” said Acting Chairman Behnam. “The Commission is communicating with fellow regulators, the exchanges, and stakeholders to address any potential threats to the integrity of the derivatives markets for silver, and remains vigilant in surveilling these markets for fraud and manipulation.”

Oh, the irony.

I’ve updated my Imminent Silver Price Crash Warning post:

For myriad reasons, I think we are more likely to see at terrible Tuesday rather than a terrific one.