BBC Video Tours The London Silver Vaults But The Queen Is Nowhere To Be Found

We all remember the pics of the Queen in the BOE’s gold vault, but she’s nowhere in this video. Tour the London Silver Vaults right here…

by Chris Powell of The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA)

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The British Broadcasting Corp. this week broadcast a video tour of the silver vaults under Chancery Lane in London, which, it said, “contain the largest retail collection of antique silver in the world.” It was almost as if the network wanted to persuade everyone that there could never be any shortage of the monetary metal — except that the antique silver displayed by the retail dealers of Chancery Lane is, while glizty, not terribly dense or weighty.

And while six years ago Queen Elizabeth was ceremoniously trotted through the Bank of England’s gold vault, presumably to assure the world that there was still a lot of metal there, though each bar might have had multiple owners —

— she does not seem to have been available to lend her celebrity to the silver vault propaganda. The long-suffering woman would be entitled to resent being used again as a prop by the UK government and Western central bankers.

The BBC video of the Chancery Lane silver vaults is headlined “360 Video: Take a Look Around the London Silver Vaults” and it’s posted here:

Here is the video in its entirety:



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