Ted Butler: JP Morgan Has Finally Gone Long In Both Paper And Physical Silver

It’s the first time that JPM is long both physical silver and paper silver. Ted explains why this could mean a massive move up in the silver price…

Ted Butler interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Already hoarding a world-record 750 million ounces of physical silver, JPM has managed to accumulate another 21+million ounces in just the past 6 weeks. This amassing of physical was further accompanied by selling off their 200M oz paper short position from June to 100M oz short in Aug and now 0 oz short and even net long paper silver. This is the first time JPM has been long both physical and paper silver simultaneously, positioning them to capitalize on a potentially massive upward move in silver price.

Renowned silver analyst Ted Butler of Butler Research returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out this unprecedented setup!

How did JPM amass the world’s record storehouse of physical silver without raising the price?

What proof do we have that JPM has added another 21 million oz in the past 6 weeks?

Is is true that JPM has gone net long on paper futures contracts, from where they were 200M oz short just this June?

How did JPM buy back their short paper silver without triggering a short squeeze?

Who sold into JOPM’s hands, and what rules will trigger those same major players to buy back from JPM at much higher prices?

Why is there reason for confidence that selling is at or near exhaustion levels?

Are there official powers-that-be, which will keep JPM running their same “bash & stash” playbook much longer?

What is the ultimate contrarian move, which also “follows the money?”

Where are the enforcement agencies (CFTC and others) and why isn’t JPM going on record to deny current allegations through all this world-record manipulation?