Sprott’s Goin’ On A Physical Silver Buying Spree!

COMEX, we have a problem? Because according to this July 16th SEC F-10 filing…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Note: They’re not buying all of this physical silver at one single time, but rather, they’re buying up to a certain amount, and over the course of 25 months, according this latest filing.

For now.

Found at the SEC:

The form is quite lengthy with all of its legalese glory.

Here’s another excerpt (link to full filing at SEC):

Sprott Physical Silver Trust (the “Trust”) may offer from time to time, during the 25 month period that this short form base shelf prospectus (including any amendments hereto) (this “prospectus”) remains effective, up to U.S.$1,500,000,000 of transferable, redeemable trust units (the “trust units”). Each trust unit represents an equal, fractional, undivided ownership interest in the net assets of the Trust attributable to the particular class of trust units. The Trust is a closed-end mutual fund trust established under the laws of the Province of Ontario and is managed by Sprott Asset Management LP (the “Manager”). See “Sprott Physical Silver Trust — Management of the Trust — The Manager” for further information about the Manager. The Trust was created to invest and hold substantially all of its assets in physical silver bullion. See “Sprott Physical Silver Trust — Business of the Trust — Investment Objectives of the Trust” for further information about the Trust’s investment objectives.


The Trust may sell the trust units to or through underwriters or dealers purchasing as principals to one or more purchasers directly, or through agents designated from time to time by the Manager on behalf of the Trust. Subject to the provisions of the Trust Agreement (as defined below) pursuant to which the Trust was established, the trust units may be sold at fixed prices or non-fixed prices, such as prices determined by reference to the prevailing market price of the trust units or at prices to be negotiated with purchasers, which prices may vary between purchasers and during the period of distribution of the trust units. The prospectus supplement relating to a particular offering of the trust units will identify each underwriter, dealer or agent engaged by the Trust in connection with the offering and sale of the trust units, and will set forth the terms of the offering of such trust units, the method of distribution of such trust units including, to the extent applicable, the proceeds to the Trust, and any fees, discounts or any other compensation payable to underwriters, dealers or agents and any other material term of the plan of distribution. In connection with such offering, other than an “at-the-market” distribution, the underwriters, dealers or agents, as the case may be, may over-allot or effect transactions intended to stabilize or maintain the market price of the trust units at levels other than those which otherwise might prevail on the open market. Such transactions, if commenced, may be discontinued at any time. See “Plan of Distribution”.



        Unless otherwise specified in a prospectus supplement, the net proceeds that the Trust will receive from the issue of its trust units will be used to acquire physical silver bullion in accordance with the Trust’s objective and subject to the Trust’s investment and operating restrictions described herein. See “Sprott Physical Silver Trust — Business of the Trust — Investment Objectives of the Trust” and “Investment and Operating Restrictions”.