SMASHBURGER: Silver Hit For Nearly $1.00 Loss, Gold Comes Under Heavy “Selling” Pressure

There’s a flash sale on silver. Here are the details…

Silver was hit especially hard:

What the heck is going on?

Well, reports are coming in that there is good news on the trade war front.

The stock market surged as did the US dollar index:

Pretty impressive all around.

Here’s the reason given, per Bloomberg:

HFT algos love that title.

And what the article contained:

The trade headlines sparked demand for risk assets that had been under pressure for more than a week as investors grew increasingly concerned the spat with China would slam global growth. Rising tension in Hong Kong and Argentina had added to the poor sentiment. The narrowing of the yield curve kept gains in check, as the recession signal emanating from the bond market grew louder.

Finally, President Trump from earlier:

Additionally, from President Trump:

Nothing has fundamentally changed for gold’s outlook or that of silver.

This is just some nice cover for the cartel to go in and smash price.

I’m not so sure this smash lasts even the rest of the week.

It could serve to strike some fear in the specs though.

One trader’s fear is another stacker’s opportunity.

Smart money investors do know what to do.

Especially investors of physical metal.

Can price go much lower here?

Price can, but I don’t think so.

Those lines are vertical.

But then again, well.

Cartel’s got paper.

They can print.

Naked short.

For now.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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