BREAKOUT! Gold & Silver Prices Breaking-Out, Stocks & Dollar Fall

Gold & silver are on the move on Tuesday morning. The stock market, yield on the 10-Year Note and the dollar are dropping, and for good reason…
Update 1 (10:20 a.m. EST): 

Gold & silver have completely erased their losses from one week ago:

Let’s see if we can go out on the highs of the day.

If so, that would be bullish.

Additionally, notice on the chart above that the dollar is looking like it wants to break-down here.

The stock market and yield on the 10-Year Note are also falling Tuesday morning:

Falling yields, in this instance, means people are fleeing the risk of stocks and seeking the “safety” in bonds.

Bonds are not safe because our money is corrupt and the debt is unsustainable, but that’s the topic for another day.

Are gold & silver finally starting their next price rally?

It’s looking good so far!


Silver is attempting to break-out on Tuesday morning.

We’ve almost erased all of the losses since last Tuesday:

Are we going to fade again, like last Tuesday, or is this the start of the break-out?

Gold isn’t looking too shabby right now either:

Additionally, the strength in gold & silver comes at a time when the cartel traditionally likes to come in and smash price in order to re-work positions for CoT reporting.

If the numbers are accurate, anyway.

What’s the catalyst for this morning’s move?

Well, yesterday I highlighted several Tweets from President Trump, all of which were “good for gold”.

And today, Tuesday?

Let’s do a quick scan of Bloomberg for clues:

Ahh, yes.

Here’s video coverage, from Bloomberg:

It’s a break-down in trade war progress for a 2nd day in a row.

Here’s the question: Is the bottom in for gold & silver?

Consolidation is not always about a certain price.

Consolidation can also happen over time.

We’ve been consolidating for months.

The technicals aren’t too extreme.

But still supportive for a rally.

Platinum & palladium?

Aren’t moving yet.

Gold & silver?


Or bid?


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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