Silver WILL Become The New Gold Because Silver Will Be The ONLY Decentralized Money

David Morgan says that there will be a reset, and not even the elites know how it will play out, even if they have plans “A”, “B”, and “C”…

David Morgan interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Despite low silver prices and record demand in recent years, why isn’t the silver supply running out? And I s silver still in a bull market?

With Bitcoin and other cryptos taking off like cruise missiles launching from the deck of a nuclear submarine, silver stackers may be feeling left standing on the deck looking up at the sky, thinking, “Wasn’t that supposed to be us?” Renowned silver guru David Morgan, founder of, reveals the ONE EPIC EVENT that WILL LAUNCH PHYSICAL GOLD & SILVER.

Morgan points out silver’s secure place in our future, as a high-tech metal, a “green economy” metal, and both a “good-times” metal for industrial growth and a monetary metal in times of crisis.

Finally, Morgan takes on the possibility of merging Cryptos and Physical Silver: is it coming? And where should savvy investors and preparedness-minded individuals position themselves to be ready to benefit from such a system?