Silver: What Are We Fighting For?

It’s not just “us” versus “them”. It’s way more complicated, and so much simpler, than that…

(by Half Dollar) I’ve been thinking a lot about the War of 1812 lately.

Anybody remember that war?


Just kidding.

Nobody remembers that war.

Nonetheless, moving into the Summer of 2021, the United States seems to be heading more for a War of 1812 problem than a Civil War problem, and while there has been a ton of talk, speculation and conspiracy theory pertaining to the coming Second Civil War, or Civil War II, or Civil War 2.0, or Civil Whatever, as tensions do seem to be uncontrollably boiling over, if we are heading more into a War of 1812 problem than a Civil War problem, this means a few different things which have real-world consequences.


In modern day America, everything is either, or.

This, or that.

Are you on the Left or Right, a Democrat or Republican, or a Liberal or Conservative?

The illusion of choice seems simple, but what if there are more than just two choices?

One of the reasons not many people know about the War of 1812, in my opinion, has to do with the fact that this short, chaotic war does not fit into the narrative of the mainstream media propagandists very well, and as such, it is simply to be avoided as much as possible.

You know that one building in that one city from that one day?


Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

Furthermore, whenever the War of 1812 can’t be avoided, the MSM will generally spin the history into a two-sided struggle between the United States and Britain, when really, there were three different sides in the war, with the third side being a coalition of Indian tribes, which is often called the “confederacy” of Indian tribes in the history books, fighting for many things, including not giving up more land/liberty as well as forming their own formal sovereign nation, equal to the national sovereignty of any other nation, such as that of the United States or Britain.

In other words, you weren’t just fighting for the United States, or you weren’t just fighting for the British, but you could also be an Indian fighting either or both at any given time in the “resistance”, as it’s commonly called in the textbooks, with the ultimate goal of not just taking back lost lands, but also forming a single Indian nation made up of several tribes coming together as one united tribe, much like the 13 colonies came together and formed the United States.


If we are entering a period of turmoil in the United States that rhymes with the War of 1812 more than than it rhymes with the Civil War, people will soon have to choose sides, and it’s not a choice between two sides, but a choice between three, so at a very minimum, this choice of three and not of two means even more civil unrest and social disunity is coming to America than people may otherwise be expecting.

Additionally, the War of 1812 was a short war, so to say, but it was utterly chaotic, very violent, and the consequences of that war changed the course of history in profound ways such that, depending on which side one was fighting for, the end of the war meant absolute victory & good fortune (United States), embarrassing loss & crushing setback (Britain), or total defeat & economic devastation (Indians).

So, why does it matter if one chooses a side, or not?

First of all, it’s not really a choice as there is no such thing as being neutral in this, and like it or not, everybody will be participating.

Also, people really need to understand what is coming down the pike, because getting blindsided by a fast moving, tumultuous wave of socioeconomic change will be more than devastating as the losers will never be able to financially recover, and that’s putting it lightly.

It also matters because on the surface, it looks as if in 2021, it’s simply a battle between the American Deep State and the Globalists, but really, underneath the surface, there is a third choice, and that is the side of the “Patriots”, for lack of a better term, not unlike the Indians in the War of 1812, Indians wrongly labeled as fighting for the British, but really, fighting for the Indians’ very own, higher cause.

You see, sometimes a person needs to not just stand on principle but also draw a line in the sand, and not just understand what it means when that line is crossed, but also have the bravery and the conviction to act when it happens.

In 2021, from “mandatory vaccines” to “climate change” to “gun rights” to “gay rights” to to “systemic racism” to “identity politics” to “etcetera”, there are plenty of potential lines that seem like they’ve already been crossed, or that seem like they’re about to be crossed very soon, and if people do not understand what is going on, well now, I don’t just call it “economic misery” and “financial ruin” because it’s going to be a dang cakewalk in the park!


What side are you on, and what are you fighting for?

Perhaps you are in the Globalist Calvary and you plan on riding into battle in the newly conquered United States on your environmentally friendly combat unicorn, or fleeing from battle on it, or whatever?

Or perhaps you are a traditional Deep State fighter, content with fighting to keep everything the way it is, but also not willing to fight all that hard to keep it going?

Or perhaps you are a Patriot and you’ve drawn your line, and although you’d rather not fight, one day you may just have no choice, and when that day comes, you will be savagely ruthless?


How does silver fit into this, what are the stakes, and what is the wild card?

Silver fits into this as the focus of the great underdog fighting against two forces of evil determined to impose their ill will on America.

That is to say, silver is true freedom & liberty, something the Deep State and the Globalists want to make sure does not return to America, yet in a back-to-basics kind of way, silver is exactly what the People need right now more than ever.

Therefore, the Patriots are fighting, not for land, because all of that has been split up, divided, claimed and reclaimed long ago, but for silver, something which is arguably just as important as land, if not more.

Moreover, along with gold, we really need to restore silver to its rightful place of the money of the People, all People, and the stakes are obvious: Anything less results in the continued move towards a brutal, fascist totalitarianism, in which a small group of people determines who eats, who slaves and who dies, and it really is just as simple as that.

There is a wild card, however.

The War of 1812 is full of intrigue and mystique, including an Indian Curse that was placed on US Presidents elected in election years ending in the number “0”, and while we can chock it up to crazy coincidences, and while we can say the Indian Curse, also called Tecumseh’s Curse, has pretty much now been more or less dis-proven, it should come as no surprise if Biden dies in office, possibly even this very year, and my goodness, that would be one heck of a black swan for the markets and the economy!

The curse, after all, or not, or something, has taken place in the form of both assassinations and illnesses, the latter of which would not be an unreasonable expectation at all for the oldest man ever to be “elected” “president”, and for the naysayers who say the curse is crazy talk, what if Reagan & Bush II didn’t count because they were not really “elected”, but rather, those elections were stolen, and what if the 1820 election wasn’t the actual beginning of the curse, but rather, the 1840 election was, as William Henry Harrison was the US general who, in the War of 1812, was the commander who essentially defeated the Indians once and for all, including Harrison’s own men being the ones who killed the Indian Warrior Chief who put the curse on the American Presidents in the first place?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, that doesn’t even make sense because everybody knows the 2020 election was stolen beyond any shadow of doubt!”.

The point seems valid, but how was the 2020 election “stolen” if both candidates were playing for the same team, meaning the election was essentially the choice between one single candidate, the Globalists’ Candidate, presented as two opposing candidates in Trump & Biden, and nobody else?

Regardless, to say that the stakes are high in America right now is perhaps the understatement of the year.


Much like the Indians were no match for the British, and much like the Indians were no match for the Americans, the Patriots are no match for the Globalists or the Deep State.

Specifically, we can’t take the fight directly to them, because it wouldn’t even be a fight.

But we must fight, and therein lies the problem: How do you fight something that you can’t beat in a fight?

The answer is simple, really.

Patriots can do one thing, the one and only thing that could ever be done, to win this war and reclaim our Freedom and Liberty: Starve the Beast.

If we Starve the Beast, both enemies, the Deep State and the Globlaists, will fall on their own, and victory will be ours.

The stock market doesn’t look like it can fall on its own:

Victory, however, is only for a few select individuals in Washington and on Wall Street.

Again, most people are oblivious to what’s coming down the pike:

It’s so much worse than one single issue, and yet the people are so clueless.

One thing is certain, and that is that in its current form, the US dollar will not survive this war:

The Deep State would like for the dollar to win, but it’s not so much that they’re up against the Globalists or the Patriots, but rather, they’re up against the math.

The corrupt, Unconstitutional US dollar is, after all, unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth:

Which means the pressure on interest rates continues to be to the downside until the US dollar ceases to exist.

Copper is above $4.50:

For now, the Fed and their Apologists, Armchair Quarterbacks, Enablers, Pundits, Propagandists, Shills and Sympathizers have ammo for their “transitory inflation” narrative, but for how much longer?

Crude oil could be telling us that not a whole lot longer:

If the commodities correction is demonstrated by the price action in crude oil, it’s more of a correction over time than over price, and with crude oil, we’ve been correcting for some time, haven’t we?

Palladium is perched on its 50-day moving average:

As expected.

Platinum is giving us no indication as to one way or the other:

Since the commodities are correcting, however, an artificially induced, brute-force move down to its 200-day moving average is possible.

Another week, and hopefully, some progress will get made on closing this gap:

The question is, do we need a spark?

Gold needs to really punch through $1950 and not just $1900:

If the technicals matter, that is.

Victory is the one thing that matters more than anything to the Deep State and the Globalists:

And while our ultimate victory is guaranteed, as it always is, time and time again, don’t be surprised if the Deep State or the Globalists go on the offensive.

We’re winning, and so they are angry and mad.

Very, very mad.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart