Silver Prices Soar Nearly 7%, Pennies Away From $20/oz!

Tonight We Bathe in the Blood of the Shorts…


With New Silver Bull Market Technically Confirmed, Silver Prices Burst Through Critical Resistance Friday.

The move in silver prices is likely due to massive flows from funds on the first day of Q3, after watching (missing out on) silver prices soar 40% during the first 6 months of 2016.  Expect the funds flow into the precious metals sector to increase in the coming week as traders return from the 4th of July holiday.

Silver has now jumped over 7%, Up $1 On the Day, and is Merely Pennies Away From $20/oz:

silver chart


We suspect more than a few readers will be cracking some cold ones all holiday weekend in celebration!

What happened to the customary pre-holiday-low-volume cartel silver smash?  

Eric Sprott described the move as A Hell of A Run For Silver, and Advised Silver is Just Getting Warmed Up. 

One thing is for certain here:

Tonight we bathe in the blood of the shorts…

JP Morgan


Before You Get Too Excited About $20/oz, James Turk Advised SD Readers Today that Silver Will Ultimately Take Out $50 High, That’s When the Real Bull Market Begins!

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The Week’s Top Gold News Stories

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silver chart