We’re getting close. So very close…

(by Half Dollar) With silver clinging to $22 for dear life in early December, it’s pretty clear they’re pushing the subliminal “don’t buy physical silver” mind games as hard as possible.

That is to say, there’s been a major escalation of the fear campaign in the mainstream media, and hopefully this latest development means that very soon I’ll be able to shift my truck into reverse and begin backing it up.

This latest offensive is not a “silver is trash” campaign, it’s not a “silver is worthless” campaign, it’s not a “silver is a crappy investment” campaign, it’s not a “we’re gonna contract space aliens to mine silver from asteroid strikes on planet Mars” campaign, and it’s certainly not a “silver is useless” campaign.

Oh no.

It’s much worse.

That’s right folks, for they’ve turned the fear gauge up to eleven, and they’re comin’ in hot & heavy with an onslaught of nationwide tax fear that’s been followed by a barrage of silver coin criminality in Podunk, USA.

Indeed, the mainstream media has pulled out the big guns for this latest assault.

First, the universal, “kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out” nuclear strike from one of the financial news mainstream media’s biggest propagandists (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

“A Couple Stored IRA Gold at Home. They Owe the IRS More Than $300,000.”

“It can be dangerous to invest retirement-plan funds in esoteric assets without proper guidance. A husband and wife in Rhode Island have learned that lesson the hard way.”



It’s not even really a choice.

Regardless, here’s why the WSJ coverage from last Friday matters: It is a seed that’s planted in the mainstream media to subliminally and broadly discourage people from buying gold & silver, especially as there is a price hit underway.

I will say one thing about this for now: Privacy.

I could say and write so much more about the WSJ hit piece, of course, but I won’t.

Secondly, well, this (yellow highlight and red arrows added for emphasis and commentary):

South Dakota?

That’s MSM propaganda for “we will leave no stone unturned” and “we will find your silver coins and take them”.

And the funny thing is, the coins were seized in Norway, not Sioux Falls.

But that’s not the point.

The point, and the seed that’s planted by the mainstream media with this latest doozy, is this: The silver coin market, all around the world and most definitely in Podunk, USA, is laden with rampant fraud.

Again, I could say and write so much more about this too, but I won’t.

I’m sure that if they can take a break from pumping their worthless penny stocks, however, all of the Silver “Advocates” out there can come up with a new chant for their Echo Chamber.

In other news, It’s good to see that paid subscription to Everybody’s Favorite Wannabe Alternative Media Website working out so well:

Silly Gamblers in the Rigged Casino.

An “edge” is not found with the Chart Huggers.

I’d love to name names and put people on blast.

But I digress.

Expect more propaganda, in a, you know, “just to be sure” kind of way…