Silver Surges And Will Force The $64,000 Question: Has The Cartel Lost Control Of The Silver Market?

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t even matter anymore if SLV goes Gamestop…

(by Half Dollar) Yes, I was wrong about the imminent price crash, but I wouldn’t go calling a surge in the price of silver from $27 to $30 exactly going GameStop.

The point, however, is moot, and I still think that if the Cartel needs to keep eyes off of silver, the Cartel will just crash the broader markets as cover and take-down silver with them.

We are dealing with madness, after all, and for years they have done things out of mere spite.

Of course, at this point, taking down the price risks immediate obliteration of supply, so it’s danged if you do and danged if you don’t, especially with silver front and center on the MSM’s radar:

With silver spiking massively, it’s kind of hard not to report on the news, especially with the other three precious metals not spiking to the same extent that silver has, which goes to show, silver has indeed been severely undervalued for a very long time.

Here are two unfolding dynamics in the silver market today, which will continue in the near term: The supply chain disruptions we’ve seen in silver over the last couple of years, which have intensified over the last year, are coming under severe stress once again due to investor demand for real, physical silver, and the second unfolding dynamic is that people are learning about investing in general and learning about money specifically, and well, when it comes to the latter, all roads can only ever lead to gold & silver.

So for silver, it’s really a win win, which it has always been in the long-term, but now, it looks in the near-term as well.

That is to say, from here on out, it sure seems like there will be a mad scramble for real, physical silver, from all around – from investors, from wholesalers, from industry, from dealers, and from you name it!

Here’s silver when the “markets” opened last night:

And with price solidly above $29 this morning, it’s nice to have the follow through!

Of note is the fact that the original silver post on Reddit has been taken down:

It’s still down this Monday morning.

I first wrote about that post when the number of likes were in the mere hundreds.

But I digress.

Yesterday, Sunday, this post helped keep eyes on silver:

And now, if you go over to Reddit’s Wall Street Bets page, there are silver posts everywhere!

Awareness has been raised!

The problem now becomes disinformation, and I’m sure the Cartel is all over that on Reddit.

Regardless, check out silver’s daily chart:


Gold has been slow to move:

But silver’s the one that, even at $30, is still a country mile away from all time record highs!

Which explains the plunge in the gold to silver ratio:

And to think, we were in the mid-70s just last week!

Palladium has performed as expected:

Although with silver breaking out, will palladium continue to mark time?

Platinum looks like it wants to make a move:

Platinum is my second favorite value investment, second only to silver.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what’s your third favorite value investment?”

Zote soap, of course.

If everything is in rally mode, copper may be set to surge off of its major moving average:

And if everything is in inflation mode?

Then don’t get too comfortable with crude oil in the $50s:

I’d start getting comfortable with $80 crude oil.

The VIX may be waking up:

It will really wake up if they decide to bring the stock market down.

The current page in our Dollar Tree paint-by-numbers coloring book has certainly set the stage for a drop:

Which is why I’m totally not ready to rule out the Cartel crashing the stock market, and silver, out of spite.

Yield on the 10-Year Note is bouncing around 1.0%:

I still think the Fed and the Feds prefer to monetize the debt to keep interest rates down, rather than letting rates rise.

Which comes at the cost of the US dollar:

Which is fine by me, because the US dollar is supposed to be a specific weight and purity of silver, and gold, and that’s it.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart