Silver Still Less Than $25: Get Ready For “Lame Excuse Week” If We Don’t Break-Out

There’s no such thing as an excuse, but since pathetic people dish out excuses non-stop, here are a few to be on the lookout for in the silver “market”…

(by Half Dollar) Everybody is so certain we’ve seen the bottom in silver.

Of course, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call, and in part, the more I see so called silver “advocates” turning into Worthless Penny Stock Pumpers and other Rigged Casino Gambling Sleazy Opportunists, the more I’m convinced that as I have been since late January, I will continue to be right.

Regardless, in light of the “weak jobs report” and the newfound mainstream armchair quarterbacking that the Fed can’t taper right now, let’s take this “Labor” Day to remind ourselves about the excuses, by design, by ignorance, or by worse, if silver doesn’t break out.

Side Note: There is no such thing as an excuse, but for the sake of this article, let’s pretend there is.


That one will really induce the vomiting.

Here’s how it works: Now that the Fed is going to continue to be easy, now that Bitcoin is back to going to da moon, and now that blah, blah, blah, “traders” and “investors” are preferring to put their money into risk assets with the highest potential for profit.

Here’s the problem: The System Apologists, Enablers, Shills, Sympathizers and Worse get to have their cake and eat it too.

You see, whenever they talk about silver, they talk about it being a risk asset, and on top of that, one that’s extremely volatile, so you can’t put your money there now, can you?


The problem with this excuse when it comes to silver is that silver is money, and any person can script any narrative around money since money is nothing more than a tool.

Here’s the thing: People have already had to tap into savings, long before the newfound talk of “recession”.

And when I say “people” tapping into savings, I’m specifically referring to Joe Deplorable, that smart person who is more likely to be a Silver Stacker, tapping into his savings.

For the Welfare Queen simply gets a boost from Uncle Sam since she has no savings, and the Government “Worker” with the posh pay (unmerited) and cushy benefits (happy Labor Day Public “Servant”), well, they’ve got plenty of savings lest they’re beyond total idiots with their “money”.

But Joe Deplorable, who scrapes buy with the blood, sweat and tears of his “never asked anybody for crap, much less a hand out” work ethic, when he needs to tap into savings, tap into savings is what he’ll do.

That’s why silver is called many things, including “savings”, you know.

Here’s the problem: Joe Deplorable has already most likely had to tap into his savings.

Or is the rampant inflation Joe has felt the sting of for more than a year simply no big deal?

You see, that’s how savings work: People save them for when they need them, if ever, and if not, then hopefully Joe can pass those savings on to the kids.


I’ve proven several times with myriad examples of how the US dollar has already hyperinflated.

Nonetheless, the people who get a soap box are really hammering the disinflation narrative.

I will say one thing about the disinflation narrative today and leave it there: If you are not in the top 0.1%, but you are concerned about disinflation, then maybe lay off the Kool-Aid just a little.

Personal Note: Beating a super nasty case of the Zombie Virus (everything is Zombie Virus, nothing is Zombie Virus) is super-duper challenging to say the very least, and getting back to 100% is not just difficult, but it takes time.

Not that I’m planning on getting back to 100%, of course.

More like 110.

Or something.

And no, that wasn’t an excuse.

There is no such thing.

Something’s wrong with the stock market’s reaction to recent dismal data:

What, is bad news bad again?


Just kidding.

It’s a Rigged Casino.

The news is indifferent.

The “Fear Gauge” is not acting different:

It’s acting as if it were one of the easiest things in the world to manipulate, which it is.

Everybody is certain the dollar has topped:

Our current crop of “elected” “leaders” and public “servants” are more of the Deep State Globalist variety than the Deep State American variety, so there’s that too, and sooner or later, Economic Misery and Financial Ruin will not just be intended but force fed.

I actually own two US government paper bonds, and I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating:

Not only are they increasingly worthless, and not only is actually cashing them in a huge pain in the butt which I’ve yet to endure, but pretty soon, cashing them in won’t even be worth the effort.

All things considered, that’s not a huge spike in crude oil:

The problem with price, however, is that in my opinion, people have literally had many months to get used to crude oil ranging between $60 and $70, but that adjustment may be difficult if crude oil moves to some new level for many months, such as a range of $80 to $90.

Copper is going sideways in an ugly, choppy consolidation:

They sure like adding suspense to the so-called “inflation-deflation debate”, don’t they?

I maintain that palladium is still not to be used for directional clues in the precious metals right now:

If the technicals matter, that death cross is coming hard and fast, too.

Platinum is more or less going sideways right now:

The Cartel has done one heck of a job with optics.

Technically, silver has not overshot gold to the downside:

Silver is merely underperforming.

Gold is down nearly 4.5%, year-to-date:

Which brings us to a Fourth Bonus Lame Excuse which will be rolled out in the fourth quarter: Tax loss selling.

I am not excited about silver surging up, up and away last Friday, all the way above $24.50:

Silver should actually be multiples higher in price right now.

That said, much like the “bond vigilantes” have all disappeared long ago, so too have actual, real silver “advocates”.

So for now, twenty five stinkin’ bucks it will be.

Thank your favorite Gambler in the Rigged Casino for that.

Gamblers in the Rigged Casino do, after all, enable this crap.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart