Silver SMASHES Through $24! Up Nearly 13% Since Late September Lows! The Bottom Must Surely Be In!

The bottom is surely in! Silver to da moon, or at least to $30. Right?

(by Half Dollar) “Breakouts everywhere as the price of silver is surging today”, that is what all of the Flip-Flopping Chart Huggers, who have been nothing but wrong about silver since late January, will say.

“The bottom is in”, they will also say.

And “blah, blah, blah” will be their rallying cry.

While all I can do is sit back and try not to put them on blast.

They deserve it.

Especially the Fakes, Frauds & Phonies in Silver Advocates’ Clothing.

But no matter what nonsense they’re spewing or what ulterior motives they’re failing to hide, I haven’t really been getting super-excited by their lame pumping as I have been kind of busy preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse 2.0, not to be confused with the ongoing Zombie Apocalypse, of course, so thank goodness that the echo chamber is back to booming.

Now, I may be wrong about the specific timing, and I may be currently allocating my precious time and limited resources unwisely, but as long as the US Dollar continues to lose purchasing power and as long as the Fascist Totalitarianism marches on, I’ll still reap actual rewards well in excess of “ten-baggers” in the Rigged Casino that the Penny Stock Pumpers and other Sleazy Opportunists like to lie about, but more importantly, I, and my family, really, will earn rewards in so many ways other than just financialized paper profit, because the rewards that we will be gaining are not only essential to human survival but a core component of human wealth and wellbeing.

Indeed, that “real stuff of real value” will only increase in value over time, whereas a Gambler, sooner or later, is guaranteed to lose in the Rigged Casino.

In other words, there are in fact some plans and courses of action which can be taken that are “no lose”, but gambling in the Rigged Casino only leads to “no win”.

And speaking of can’t lose, or total win, or whatever, here’s but one thing that I did at the beginning of the year and wrote about in mid-January:

Needless to say, my fragrant stack of 66% fatty acid in individually-wrapped 400 gram bars is performing rather well.

Regardless, for all of the Beast-Enabling Gamblers in the Rigged Casino out there, silver is up nearly 13% from its late September lows:


Better take some profits to buy back at a lower price when silver gets knocked down at that critical “technical resistance” level!

Silly Gamblers, HODLing is for kids!

Of course, my outlook for silver has not changed for myriad reasons, and to me, it’s all the same, because in the real world of actual assets and legit money, not pseudo-assets and fake money, there are many things to be doing at this very moment.

Buying real, physical silver could be one of the things to be doing at this very moment, and hopefully, pretty soon, I’ll be buying physical silver too!

Over the last couple of weeks, however, I have had some more pressing concerns about the economy in general, so I have put some of my extra savings into food, including some of the last relatively cheap pasta sauces I could find this week, which are not only up 45% in price in just the last few days, but they are also glass jars full of pasta sauce that will last for many years and will be very useful in a crapton of ways.

Silver, of course, is always useful.

And regardless of price, silver’s value only increases as time goes on.

Here’s the one question that we absolutely must ask ourselves, however: Is the Cartel really not able to smash silver into the teens, ever again?

Follow-up Question: Wouldn’t the Cartel just love wiping out all of the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino with a brutal smash of silver, yet again?

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart