Silver Smashed Under $17 On COMEX Open

The Commercial short position isn’t at all-time record levels for nothing.
*Updpate: Well, THAT didn’t last long!


Silver smashed below $17 as COMEX opens on no news: 


Gold only down $8 to $1268, but undoubtedly the cartel would love to see the royal metal back below $1250:

Yesterday, Our good friend Craig Hemke broke down the EPIC BATTLE on the charts being waged currently in gold and silver, and the banksters are DOUBLING DOWN on their naked shorts.


Over the period January 28 to May 16:

  • Paper price has risen by $158 or 14.16%

  • Total Comex open interest has risen by 223,261 contracts representing 22,326,100 ounces of paper gold or an increase of 59.82%.

  • Total Comex vault stocks have risen by 1,168,649 ounces of gold or an increase of 17.15%

  • Leverage of paper ounces to total Comex stocks has increased from 5.81:1 to 7.84:1 or an increase of 34.94%.


Will they prevail, or will investors and funds BTFD today and continue pushing the banksters to the brink?

Time will tell…

*Update: BTFD in progress:


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