Silver Smashed Back Under $20

flash smashMajor volatility continues in the silver market as silver was just sent plunging nearly $1 in seconds after trading near $20.50 for the first 3 hours of trading this evening…


Perhaps the cartel read SRSRocco’s latest this evening, and suddenly realized just exactly how critical the $20.50 level was for silver.   After hovering just below the level for the first 3+ hours of globex trading, silver has just been sent down the proverbial mine shaft to the tune of 80 cents in 6 ticks to $19.60:



The fireworks are popping outside as we type, and it looks like silver will be doing the same this evening… 

11 pm EST Update:  Silver is already bouncing back towards $20 with a last of $20.02.
We advised early yesterday evening to expect a pullback towards $19.50, what happens next and how long this pull back lasts will go a long ways to showing just exactly how strong this move in silver could be…

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