Silver short squeeze: the long-term impact on the silver markets

Although the market swell of Reddit’s leveraged traders has subsided, this week’s action will have a lasting impact on the silver market. With the global…

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Andrew Maguire explores the long term impact of the ‘Silver Short Squeeze’ phenomenon on the silver markets:

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Although the market swell of Reddit’s leveraged traders has subsided, according to Andrew Maguire, this week’s action will have a lasting impact on the silver market. With the global spotlight shining on billions of dollars of bearishly skewed, potentially vulnerable bets – what does this mean for silver going forward?

Silver short squeeze market disruption

Along with the rest of the world, market making insiders were clearly not prepared for this massive influx of Reddit-leveraged silver interest, according to Andrew Maguire.

The precious metal expert explains that, historically, insiders have been able to take the short side of spec longs with impunity. As insiders are secure in the knowledge of the pain points of those specs who borrowed longs, sitting on their books. However, Andrew Maguire reports that the sudden tidal wave of individually held SLV-focused interest made it extremely difficult for insiders to calculate these pain points.

In Andrew Maguire’s opinion, such a large diverse swarm of buy flow, seeking thousands of tonnes of leveraged long options, threatened to take the lid off the entire silver capping manipulation process. Looking ahead, the precious metals expert believes such monumental external interest has the potential to shift risk-reward metrics, disincentivising the naked short selling of silver and gold.

What does this mean for silver?

As Andrew Maguire sees it, the degree of this week’s unforeseeable open interest diminishes the leverage of First Majestic, as well as many other well-shorted silver related stocks. In turn, Andrew Maguire predicts this will weaken the insiders’ grip on the gold and silver stock index lever – a crucial component of their price capping strategy.

The precious metals expert believes this upsurge of fresh open interest will bullishly dislodge the much larger and more liquid GC and SI anchors. Positions that have long been relied upon to maintain the insiders’ casino-like 95% win metric, according to the precious metals expert. In Andrew Maguire’s opinion, these changes will impact the way insiders position in SI and GC, with a particular focus on naked shorting silver, gold stocks and indexes.

Andrew Maguire’s parting thought

Next Episode: Andrew Maguire reassess the gold and silver markets in the wake of this week’s action.

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