Silver Prices Surge Over $18 to 2 Year Highs

silver pricesSilver has surged to nearly $18.50 this morning placing new post-BREXIT highs as the market seems to be suddenly pricing in massive new stimulus by The Fed, ECB, and BOE…


Silver is up .75 over the past 24 hours, and nearing critical overhead resistance at $18.50-$18.60.  

A move through $18.60 would likely send silver shooting towards $20/oz:

silver prices
The move is a new 1 year high for silver:

silver prices high


But on a 10 year chart, the new highs in silver prices are nothing more than a MASSIVE bottoming formation:

silver prices 10 year


This may be just the beginning for the move in silver prices.  In his exclusive interview this weekend, Jim Willie warned we could see a 5-FOLD move in silver, RAPIDLY:

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