Silver Prices Are EXTREMELY Depressed At This Stage Of The Stock Market Cycle

With the US at the top of both the economic & business cycles, everything’s lining up for the metals to shine. Here’s the bullish case for gold & silver…

Tavi Costa interviewed on Palisade Radio

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Tavi discusses his bullish thesis for gold. Their strategy is to look at historical trends for value-opportunities and to find a contrarian position. He feels that the United States is close to the top of the economic cycle and that gold will do well in the coming period. He cautions that inflationary issues could begin to play out as we move into the next election cycle.

Time Stamp References:
0:30 – Tavi’s bullish thesis for gold.
3:40 – US near the top of their economic cycle.
6:00 – Outlook for China and trade.
8:30 – Pressure on China to devalue.
12:30 – Combining indicators and models.
16:00 – Examining historical data for trends.
20:00 – Investors are relying on central bank policies.
21:00 – Socialist platforms could lead to inflation.