Silver Price Turns Positive On The Year, Plus A Very Specific Reason Silver Could Gap-Up On Sunday

The reason for silver’s gap-up assumes the US makes it through the weekend as a functional nation with working markets, so yeah, it might be a stretch…

I wrote something a few years back.

It’s not very well written, it’s in dire need of proofreading, and it could use a revision, and I supposed one day I’ll get around doing those things.

Regardless, from the book I wrote that nobody ever read, much less would ever like or enjoy reading (bold and bold added for emphasis):

We must hold off on the feelings of victory because we are far from it.  One of the reasons that nothing feels right in this country is because there are only a few people, groups, and families at the top of the pyramid.  Everybody else is forced to feast on dog crap.  The elite at the top, the establishment if you will, have accumulated everything, either by hard work or by theft.  Mostly by theftAny hard work on their part is not the proper way to engage in theft, for they are doing it wrong.  Regardless, the current state of our economy has left a huge percentage of the population with nothing, and I do mean nothing.  A huge percentage of the United States population is flat broke.  They have zilch.  Zip.  Nada.  I have fought on the front-lines of poverty and homelessness before, and for many people it is hard to understand how a person can be poor in a country as rich as the United States.  It does seem at odds and rather paradoxical does it not?  The truth is that we are all poor, and we are engaged in a struggle to make something of ourselves.  And just like evil is evil is evil, poor is poor is poor.  Some of us just poorer or less poor than others.

And while most of the pyramid of society is made up of the poor, we must understand that poverty has its own pyramid too.  It is a pyramid within a pyramid.  Kind of like when you look in a mirror to look into a mirror.  You see, there is a small percentage of poor people at the top of the poverty pyramid, who are technically poor in US terms, and they are the lucky ones.  They are “poor” by measure and statistical purposes, but they live well in their place in society.  They are the richest of the poor, and when compared to the poorest of the rich, they have a very cushy and comfortable lifestyle.  For whatever reason, the rich poor people have managed to secure a Social Security disability check, they are recipients of food stamp benefits who can eat rather well, and they are certainly not struggling from the perspective of real hardship.  It is not like they are shooting crows with BB guns and roasting them up for dinner.  For all we know, they are eating 93% lean ground chuck and their burgers are quite possibly topped with bacon. 

Those at the bottom of the pyramid, however, do a complete a 180° turn for the worse.  Their burgers might not even contain much beef at all.  The bottom base of the poverty pyramid steadily takes up more space on a constant basis, and now we are seeing more and more third-world type poverty right here in the good ‘ole US of A.  We see increases in college girl prostitution and white male unemployed drug abuse.  There is theft of clothes and food for bare essentials because when people are hungry their pockets can hold a lot of calories.  In addition, over the last few decades now certainly picking up speed of late, beggars relentlessly plead at every major intersection of every single city in America.  Way to go fellow citizens.  Let’s all pat ourselves on our backs for our good work towards increasing our standard of living.  Were that only true, which it is not.  If there has been a proven way to scrape up a buck in society, these poor folks that make up the majority of the social status pyramid have to figure it out constantly.  Life is rough and saving for the future is a pipe dream not even worth having.  The poor live in a hand-to-mouth existence.  To say they are living paycheck to paycheck is putting it lightly.  They are the real losers in this country.  They have been truly given the shaft in place of real money.  This is sad.  Nobody should get the shaft, and in a country like the United States, nobody should have to.  But we have done this to our own.  The poor have no money.  They have neither silver nor gold, nor do they have a future.

Now there is the concept of the middle class, or shall I say, some resemblance of it.  Really I should say “in theory there is a middle class”, because at this point it is a theory that barely passes the smell test.  The middle class is cannibalizing itself in a futile attempt to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.  Cut-throat job competition, spending money they don’t have with credit cards charging twenty-some percent interest and taking out a second mortgage on a refinanced house is not what I would call “middle class”, but suffice for the purposes of the American Way of doing things that the middle class is alive and well.  Well, all is not well.  In fact, the middle class blood is boiling.  The festering disregard from the upper class is reaching a critical point.   There is so much anger.  Their anger is turning to hate.  People are mad, and rightly so. 

The poor get the shaft, but the middle class get a whole new level of shafting.  You see, to the middle class, their lawyers lie to them, their insurance agents steal from them, their doctors ail them, and their politicians bless it all.  The elected officials work against the interests of the people, and the government shills perform the art of perpetuating the status quo.  Go figure: An elected official who neither serves nor solves.  What is he or she doing anyway? Oh yeah, there is a word for that, it is called “racketeering”.  That is what people do simply because they can.  It is not only wrong it is illegal, but for some odd reason in this country racketeering is blessed.  In addition to the constant bombardment from the private sector, for the middle class in America, at every turn, from the city, to the county, to the state and to the federal government, and from the parking ticket, to registration fees, to the bribes payed to public servants, everybody is owed something of some sort by the middle class, and somehow the middle class has to pay them all.  But nobody has anything and everybody wants something.  I am not sure how that gets sorted out, but in some twisted episode street juggling epic fails, get sorted out it does.  The American middle class is left in suspended animation, and there is no way to achieve something better in life.  In fact, as mentioned earlier, you can forget about getting ahead in life.  Nowadays, it is all about not falling behind, and the middle class can only fall.  The only direction is down, and I am not talking about gracefully, I am talking about a crash landing.  The middle class is truly stuck, and they are mad.  They are figuratively and literally mad.  They are mad because the bar to enjoy a middle class lifestyle is always raised.  It is never lowered.  The vast majority can no longer maintain their grip.  They will fall, and it will end badly.

So the blood of the majority continues to boil, and the anger continues to fester.  Soon, the peoples’ anger will turn into rage, and rage is a force that cannot be stopped.  We do not want rage.  Rage does not get unwound neatly.  Rage can only be eliminated.  Unfortunately, many people will lose their grip on the middle class, and whole families will slide down the pyramid and land at some level in poverty.  There is not passing go, and two hundred bucks doesn’t buy crap anyway, so what’s the point?  The middle class and their families will be in for a rude awakening.  The people who are unable to control their rage will simply be put to sleep.  We all better learn to control our rage, and if the road is any indication, we have a long way to go.  This will not be pretty to watch.  You and I will be asked to submit, and when you don’t, you will be forced.  So sure, get as angry as you want, but try not to go mad.  Madness produces no rational results. And please, by all means, do not slip into rage.  We know how that ends.  We all have internet and we have all cringed at the clips of rage.  If we are going to win the good fight, we will need each and every person taking an active role.

Speaking of this roles, many people are taking to the streets of America these days, and they don’t even know what their role is.  These people are misguided, and many of them could care less, as they are only there because they have no jobs, and they are paid to be there.  The media calls them protesters, some call them rioters, but the word I would like to use is active participants.  Sure, they will say they had no choice but to get bussed in to Chicago to march in protest of the latest distractive problem, but their intentions are clear.  There is no excuse and certainly not when we are talking about free will.  Making matters worse, many protesters are coming out and saying that there is a “revolution” taking place in the streets of America right now.  Mark my words: We have not seen revolution yetWe will know revolution when we see it.  It will be bloody.  Very bloody.  As in many Americans are going to die.  Call it civil war, call it revolutionary war, or call it as you please, but please recognize that millions if not tens of millions of our brothers and sisters are going to die on the streets, not if but when we actually do see a revolution.

The protests of late stem from the 2016 presidential election.  There are what appears to be many reasons for the protests but the essence can be traced back to a handful of forces bearing down on us.  These forces are unleashed by an elite that seeks to divide and conquer us, the good old-fashioned American way.  You see, the elite are so entrenched in their power over us and their desires to enslave us, and they have mastered the strategy of destabilizing subsets of culture and society for the purposes of sweeping in during moments of chaos and ushering in their desired changes on society that they are very efficient in making it look like we are all bickering over heated issues with each other while failing to see the common problem of an over burdensome political class that seeks to destroy us.  Imagine that.  Who are you and who and I to say what I can or can’t put into my body, what I can or can’t say in public, or what I can or can’t pray about in the open, when in reality, neither you nor me should demand from one another a change towards our natural inclinations.  We should be uniting and facing our shared opposition yet our opposition is so good at the magic trick that we only see the problem in each other.  Part of this is because the ruling elite is so good at their societal destruction, and part of it is because we are so broke that we can’t even bother to put up a fight, but more than any other part of it is because we allow our actions, thoughts, desires, feelings and focus to be manipulated by the powers that be, so there really is no easy way for us to see the errors in our ways.  So instead of mutual benefit and advancing an American society that American’s past would be proud of, we duke it out with each other as we recognize the immediate subjection of our intolerant peers over all else.  That is what is taking to the streets.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It may look and sound like something else, but looks can be deceiving and sounds are easily controlled.

And because we are no all so poor that we either can’t do anything about our dire situation, or we must participate in the street festivities to make a buck or two, that over the last few years there has been an ever present stench of evil destabilization and subliminal division between the people.  Some evil entity is trying to get us to fight each other.  And to spell it out and state it simply, in other words, they want blacks against whites, men against women, gays against conservative Christians, Mexicans against whites, and everybody against illegal immigrants.  If there is a group to be identified with, the powers that be are working to ensure that they are all fighting against it from all sides.  You see, your group is to blame.  My group is to blame.  My click, my peers, my peeps, my cohorts and my anything else you want to call them is to blame, according to you, but you are to blame, according to me.

See how this works?  The establishment has done their job well of getting us to fight each other.  Isn’t it odd that as we lash out at each other we fail to see the real instigators who also happen to be the cause of our problems?  In the end, it does not matter how we got to this point.  Ni modo.  We are here so let’s just deal with it.

So don’t be fooled.  There is no “revolution”.  There is only poverty and people trying to enslave those who are not yet poverty stricken to become impoverished and then enslaved.  Celebrities, artists, politicians, reporters, and chump university academics are the ones that are doing it.  They are the ones who are to blame.  Yet they say the protesters are having some sort of “revolution” in the streets.  These same idiot puppeteers have no idea of what revolution really is.  They have not seen war, and their world view is entirely encapsulated from their cozy bubble of self-ascribed prestige, which they flaunt within the confines of their own safe spaces, and which they present well to their peers who are equal shells of nothingness devoid of all humanity.  Nothing is what they know about revolution.

There is no revolution going on or underway in the United States.  We are not at that point.  Yet.  In a revolution, people have to die.  On our streets, lots of people will die.  Sadly, we will all be losers since we brought this on ourselves.  It will be a sad day in America when it comes to the point where no other solution can be achieved except for violence.  If we get to that point, look to the blood in the streets.  The quantity and freshness of the blood should be a good indicator, letting us know if the worst is behind us, or if the worst is yet to come.  You may consider this period in America right now as a period of national soul searching.   To say we are in the calm before the storm would be an insult to Mother Nature.  So let’s not go there.  Let’s just say we must all take a step back, take a deep breath, and think this through.  Understand what you are searching for.  Do you understand the one overwhelming problem that is bringing us to our knees?  Do your realize that many people are indeed waking up to this reality, especially since the 2016 elections, and every single day more and more people wake up?  Do you realize that many of your fellow Americans have had enough of this crap, and they are not going to take it much longer?

I’m mentally drained after this week, but what I wrote years ago is equally valid today and then some.

And, if the protests are only just getting started, then some bad things are going to happen this weekend, and by bad things, I mean false flags and false flag hoaxes mainly, as well as more death and destruction.

Which brings me to my point about silver and the specific reason we could see a gap-up in price: Bad things, in my opinion, such as cities across the United States burning to the ground, are not priced-in, which means we could see the “fear trade” as early as next week.

Either way, as suspected on Monday, silver is now positive year-to-date:

And the fun’s only getting started!

Gold continues in its sideways consolidating channel:

Although we look like we’re about to break-out through that channel.

The gold-to-silver ratio is below 95:

Which is still a screaming “buy” for silver.

Platinum is still a country mile away from getting positive year-to-date:

I have the sneaky suspicion an upside surprise will get us there in short order, however.

Palladium is treading water, year-to-date:

There is no doubt that’s a tricky spot to be in on the chart.

Copper just keeps on climbing that wall of worry:

By my count, that’s the fourth higher-low since the spike-low bottom.

Crude oil’s day of reckoning is coming:

Have we truly seen the bottom?

The stock market is also up year-to-date:

On second thought, the stock market is nearly at all-time record highs!

Cities across the United States are burning, yet investors haven’t a care in the world right now:

If it gets bad, or worse, over the weekend, silver might not be the only thing that gaps-up next week.

I’m still not convinced we’ve seen the lows in yield on the 10-Year Note:

The trend is lower until the bond market blows.

Just as things begin to cost more, the dollar buys less:

If we see the “fear trade” in gold & silver, since the catalyst will be death, destruction, blood and fire in the streets of American cities, I do not think we will see a “flight to safety” into the US dollar.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in late May?

The Deep State Globalists have had four days to devise their plan.

They’ve surely been moving “assets” into place all this time.

And now, they are just waiting for the right moment.

I think we’re in for a very dark and sad weekend.

Although, it’s fitting when you think about it.

Because they want to DESTROY the US.

And they are doing it quite literally.

They’re doing it figuratively too.

They’re doing it financially.

And oh so much more.

Total destruction?

Complete ruin?

Yes, indeed.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.