Sub < $13 oz Silver Price Forecast for Fall 2018?

Earlier this week we posted one of Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor’s latest Silver Price Forecasts over in the SD Bullion research.

Chris in my opinion is one of the best providers of consistent gold, silver, and financial market analysis on his free youtube channel and within his subscription service.

His latest work covering the near to medium term for silver priced in US dollar is worth your while…


^ Psst, perhaps speed up the watch to a 1.5X or 2X rate ^


Chris’ video above mainly discusses short to medium term price targets for second half silver 2018.

Of course for active market participants and new entrants, short and medium term price movements are important for positioning at the best prices possible.

But for the longer term gold and silver price forecasts, it is always best to be prudently positioned before it is possibly too late to do so, at reasonable prices with the best .999 fine bullion product options.


COMEX Apologist Calling for Record Gold Silver Prices 2022-2024

Other, often hated, long time silver industry experts who have been proven correct time and again, are now on record calling for new nominal price highs for both gold and silver in US dollar terms within the early 2020s.

Why? Well, due to another coming financial crisis brewing on the horizon and a reinvigorated bullion buying public.

Have a quick 1 minute listen below…




About the Author

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.