Silver & Platinum Sentiment Dramatically Changing to the Upside

Interest in silver has to do with its price, which is seen as a leveraged play on the gold market. Silver has lagged gold for a couple of years, making it…

Johann Wiebe interviewed on Palisade Radio

Johann discusses the impact of the pandemic on global supply changes and the demand for gold and silver. Sentiment for precious metals have improved and he believes it’s prudent to hold some in your portfolio. He explains the impact of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology on the platinum market and why that is something to monitor over the long-term.

Tom welcomes Johann Wiebe, a new guest to the program. Johann is the Lead Precious Metals analyst at Refinitiv, a company specializing in financial market data and infrastructure.

Johann discusses how the pandemic has constrained metal supply from mine shutdowns and reduced supply from lack of air travel. For awhile, premiums spiked quite high, and mints did not anticipate the demand increase. Since then, demand strength has slowed somewhat, but demand remains much higher than it was before this all began.

Interest in silver has to do with its price, which is seen as a leveraged play on the gold market. Silver has been lagging gold for a couple of years, making it attractive to retail investors. Silver may have more upside potential than gold. The sentiment for both metals has improved considerably over the last couple of months.

It is advisable to have increased exposure to precious metals in your portfolio. Stock markets have performed remarkably well, despite companies likely having terrible earnings. Central bank support is responsible for this, and we could well be in for another correction in the stock markets once reality re-asserts itself.

Johann discusses the case for the platinum group metals and the various applications for these metals. Demand should continue to grow in the long-term.

Time Stamp References:
0:50 – Spike in demand for PM’s and now steady demand.
4:30 – Silver outlook and why it’s considered cheap.
7:00 – Sentiment has improved considerably for gold/silver.
10:20 – Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium fundamentals.
14:45 – Hydrogen fuel cells and long-term growth.
18:00 – Fuel cells and potential for platinum.
24:45 – New tech uptake and economies of scale.