Silver Not Leading The Beatings

It also seems apparent that the agreed upon trades over the past 3 days are over. Of course, all this happened before…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

       February Gold is down $14.80 with the last quote at $1,828.80 after hitting the low of London at $1,820 with the high to beat at $1,845.60. I had to hit the side of my screen this morning because Silver is only down 14.2 cents (I thought the price got stuck) with its trade at $23.95, recovering from its low at $23.755 with the high at $24.175. This is one of a few times for me to see Silver not leading the beatings. Today is the start of our Triple Witch Week, with all currencies expiring at high noon (except the Loonie), with our US Dollar down 44.5 points and at the low of 90.525, with the high at 90.900 so far today. It also seems apparent that the agreed upon trades over the past 3 days are over. Of course, all this happened before 5am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after the world’s 4th largest shipping line, suspends its cargos bound for South China Ports in early 2021, could it be a problem with international sales after a plandemic?

      Gold under the Venezuelan Bolivar is now priced at 18,265.14 showing a 57.93 Bolivar pullback with Silver’s last price at 239.201 Bolivar, gaining 0.50 since Friday mornings write up. Gold in Argentina is now priced at 150,238.78 A-Peso’s proving a reduction of 270.60 with Silver’s price at 1,967.53, popping in a gain of 6.56 A-Peso’s. Over in Turkey, where the currency is called the Lira, Gold’s last price is at 14,389.63, showing an 87.76 T-Lira loss with Silver’s last buy at 188.444 T-Lira, registering a 0.158 loss. Once again, Silver has strength even in the emerging (short for “already exploded”) currency markets.

      December Silver Deliveries now has a demand count of 1,026 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 22 up on the board and with no price posted so far. Friday’s full Ice/Comex trading period happened in between $24.05 and $23.955 with 44 contracts trading hands with the last buy at the high, a gain of 1.9 cents and as Comex settled the day out at $24.032, adding only 0.001 pennies, which just so happen to raise the demand count, by 11 contracts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest shows the shorts had to add 588 more pieces of liquidity in order to control the futures prices bringing the total count to 154,904 Overnighters.

      December Gold’s Delivery Demands now has a post of 6,322 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 40 already up on the board with a trading range between $1,835.70 and $1,824.70 with the last sell at the low, down $15.10 so far today. Friday’s full day of play happened in between $1,846 and $1,829.10 with the last swap at $1,839.10, a gain of $5.50 with the Comex close, a little higher at $1,839.80, up $6.20 that had a total of 90 contracts being swapped helping to reduce the demand count by 1,382 contracts that, at the very least, got paper receipts. Gold’s Overall Open Interest continues to see the shorts getting out of the way, as 3,228 paper contracts left the field of play, leaving 546,387 contracts to go against the physicals.

      This week promises to be something else as we roll out of all December contracts and into next year’s play. Then this Friday, the Director of National Intelligence, is required to submit his report providing evidence, of foreign nations intentionally influencing our presidential election process. Remember the other communist nation besides China back in 2016? This is Executive Order 13848, which was signed into law back in Sept 2018, because of the frauds witnessed during the midterm. And it has penalties too, as this order “follows the money” with the Treasury Dept involvement too.

      One fine example of foreign fraud is the Dominion Voting Systems, which is based in Canada; “Founded in 2003, Dominion Voting Systems is a leading supplier of election technology across the U.S., Canada and globally.”Many successful elections have been won thru Dominion’s dominance as Venezuela, Argentina, and various other nations, have proven, the highest bidder always wins over the most voted for in any nation, with the help of the back door access, thru the internet. What can go wrong here, with so many, trusting a foreign company, with our sacred electoral process?

        So, keep it real and hang on tight. As always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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