Silver Loses $24 To Begin Another Challenging Week In The Markets As The Tortilla Chip Index SKYROCKETS…!?!

And two of the most important reports, ever, are in the chute…

(by Half Dollar) It’s going to be another one of those weeks in the silver market.

Or not.

Take your pick.

For I’m not one to be going on the offensive any time soon.

Regardless, what could possibly be described as “the most important, ever” reports are coming out this week, and those reports include data on inflation and data on retail sales.

Mixed within that data is industrial production too.

That said, there could be movement in silver throughout the week and especially when these reports hit the tape on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The question is, in which direction?

For all the talk about a stock market crash, there has barely been any downside direction:

We haven’t come down to the 50-day moving average.

Perhaps the recent perking-up of volatility has led to this stock market crash discussion:

Or are we bottom-bouncing?

The US Dollar has bounced:

Or is that new found strength?

Yield on the 10-Year Note has been grinding higher:

What would the technicians call that chart pattern?

Between any fear premium and weather-induced supply chain disruptions, the price of crude oil is barely above $70:

Is that because some nations are simply pumping more oil, or is there a problem in the economy?

For all of the talk about transitory inflation, deflation and disinflation, copper’s hanging in there:

You know what they say about talk!

Sure the price of corn is down, somewhat:

The price is still much higher than the more or less stable range from late 2014 through early 2020, however.

But here’s the real kicker:

Anybody who reads my writing will understand why, and it’s so much more than just price, although that most recent price hike sure is something, isn’t it?

Palladium has taken out new lows:

What is palladium telling us?

Palladium could be giving us a warning for platinum:

Depending on perspective, of course.

The gold-to-silver ratio begins the week above 75:

The ratio is rising because gold & silver are falling, but silver is falling faster.

Gold is below its 50-day moving average this Monday morning:

Some people find interest in technical matters.

Some people also find interest in a falling price of silver:

Alternatively, others find interest in why the price of silver is not rising.

Interesting times, indeed…