Let’s Face It: Silver Is Not Cool

Nobody thinks silver is “cool”, at least not right now, but the white metal is destined to make a comeback, and in a big way. Here’s why…

by Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver Fortune

Face it, silver is not cool. Or at least, it’s not seen as being cool, here in the West, in this period of history. But to silver owners, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that with silver, we can build wealth for our future, ounce by ounce, day by day. Conventional wisdom says to invest in the stock market, “stocks always go up”. But conventional wisdom often is flipped on its head in tumultuous times. Millions of investors do not see this coming; they treat their portfolio like they would cook a pot roast in the a crock pot: set it and forget it. But the truth of the matter, is that silver is destined to make a comeback in a big way.