Silver Investors Only Have Gamblers In The Rigged Casino To Blame For Enabling The Manipulation (There Are No “Traders”)

Sick of the manipulation? It’s simple, really. The problem is, 99.999% of the silver “advocates” out there are fakes, frauds and phonies. The real silver advocates are cast into exile…

(by Half Dollar) Here’s the lame excuse, the lie, really, that disgusts me the most: “But I take my ‘profits’ out of the ‘market’ and use them to buy physical silver to stick it to da man!”.

However, even if a person is “winning”, which, eventually, every Gambler in the Rigged Casino will lose, for every winner there are at least a hundred losers, all spoon-feeding the Beast.

And so the manipulation goes on.

And on.

And on.

And on.

How people understand that the silver market is rigged yet continue to gamble in it is beyond me?

Like, do you even have ethics, morality, or even a heart, bro?

Because on the one hand, people cry “end the manipulation”, but on the other hand, those very same people shout on Twitter “I just bought some call options on everybody’s favorite triple-levered ETF!”.


Here’s another good one: “We’re going to pressure the CFTC, the SEC, and the Blah, Blah, Blah!”.

Oh you are, or are you just looking to set-up a “Go Fund Me” page to swindle otherwise caring people who have been duped by the fake sincerity?

Now sure, if we had legitimate institutions that were not totally rotten and corrupted to the core, then perhaps applying pressure would be a worthy endeavor, but in 2021, any such endeavor is futile at best.

It’s too bad there is not an organization out there that could document the manipulation and apply the pressure, for then we could really get some progress!

Oh wait.

There is.

And we see how that’s working out.

Regardless, push too hard, and well, have fun with all of the good times coming your way, be them severe financial stresses from multiple fronts to begin with, only to be followed by the really fun stuff later.

Now, to make this not turn into a rant, because really, I’m just pointing out the obvious, let me explain what happens next.

What happens next is that many tens of thousands of new silver investors, who are in for over $30 per ounce, in hand, are going to become frustrated that they’re investment hasn’t taken off “to da moon”.

And around that time, the Pump-n-Dumpers will come in and convince a good many of them that they’re doing it wrong, for really, if investors want “those leveraged gains to the price of silver”, then “they need to be in the miners”.

Or is that not how this works?

So some of them will buy some shares, but the shares aren’t taking off either.

So they learn about options, they sell all of their mining shares because the Pump-n-Dumpers have convinced them we’re ready to rally, the Cartel comes in for a good smashing, and now, not only does the duped investor not only not have any shares, but said duped investor also gets to feel the pleasure of watching all of those call options expire worthless, which become worthless instantly but can take months for the losses to be actually realized in the trading account (If there is no buyer, the price is $0.00).

At that point, the duped investor is down on his physical metal, has blown-up his trading account believing in the “story” of the miners, for they’ve got that “proven management team”, sweet “drill results”, a “friendly jurisdiction”, and everybody’s favorite legendary billionaire investor backing them, you know, even though he’s getting out of that company, which has been around for five years on paper and has already changed its name twice, right when the duped investor is getting in, and so the otherwise Smart Investor gets burned and gives up on silver at the worst possible time: Just when silver is going to matter the most.

You can’t fight the Cartel head on, much less can you fight the Beast.

If you want to end the manipulative price suppression of silver, there is only one single way to do it: Starve the Beast.

There is no other way…


Half Dollar’s Special Note To All New Silver Advocates And Investors: If you’re not sure how to starve the Beast, start here: