Silver Has Set-Up The ULTIMATE Bear Trap!!!

Hurry-up and sell all of your soon to be worthless silver! There is, however, this funny thing about bear traps…

(by Half Dollar) Um, yeah.

I was wrong, again.

It happens.


Thank God that I don’t spoon feed the Beast, because if I gambled in the Rigged Casino known as Wall Street and I saw the “price action” that I saw last night in silver, I’d probably have some pretty serious indigestion right about now.

I’m feeling kind of good, actually, because I’ve got some newly freed fiat to add to that humble stack at lower prices.


You’ll understand why in the Tin Foil Hat selection below.

I’m still not wrong on calling the bottom in silver, however, if Monday’s closing price is higher than Friday’s and we want to split hairs!

Nonetheless, sure, silver “sold off” a few times overnight to a 21-handle:

I was wrong about silver not hitting a 21-handle, but this point, isn’t the “price action” all just for show?

Technically speaking, I think it is, and silver hasn’t even put in a new lower-low on its daily chart (see below).

If we are really going to cherry pick the data and use the intra-day spike low on silver’s daily chart, which I am going to do, then technically speaking, I’m still right in more ways than I’m wrong!


Don’t judge.

The Chart Huggers do it all the time!

And on that note, I’d like to write about a hodgepodge of different things this Monday morning, in no particular order.


We still have an election that’s apparently in dispute, even though I’m pretty sure it’s going to go Biden’s way, and we have the oh-so-close coronavirus vaccine that the mainstream propagandizes as a cure all, although it seems like restrictions, lockdowns, and other myriad losses of Freedom and Liberty are worsening, not getting better.

On net, these fundamental factors are bullish for gold and silver.

At the very core, a Biden Administration will print borrow and spend boatloads of dollars and waste even more than a Trump Administration would, and as Silver Bugs, stackers and other smart investors already know, gold and silver are the perfect hedges against an out of control government.

At the very core, the US economy is collapsing, as is the United States itself, and right along with this collapse comes the hyperinflation of the United States dollar, so people who want to protect themselves against, oh, say, just their entire life’s savings VANISHING on the screen in front of their very eyes, have only one option: Gold & Silver.

And if we really want to get specific about it, that one option is gold & silver coin, in-hand.

*** Tin foil hat on –

I renewed my passport, and it took about three weeks to renew.

That was months ago, and while Wifey and I mailed the renewal applications at the same exact time, and while the checks were cashed within three days of each other, after several phone calls and continuously increasing frustration, the mean, nasty not very helpful people working at the US Passport something or other said she should receive her passport by the end of…

…drum roll please…


The wave modulations I’m receiving from the tin foil tell me there is a plan to delay the issuance of passports to people who indicate that they intend to travel out of the country, just so those trips can’t happen!

Needless to say, if the US Deep State does not want international travel being done by US Citizens, the Deep State has succeeded in its mission as Wifey and I finally gave up on planning a trip before year’s end.

And since that’s the case, let’s just say ‘Ol Half Dollar’s got some extra unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, to save in my favorite form of saving: Silver.

– tin foil hat off ***


My goodness, the haters came out of the woodwork regarding my coming chocolate shortage article.

I will say this, however: When did Hershey’s start selling Kisses that have nary a smidgen of chocolate in them?

I mean, what, is Hershey’s now the “orange drink” of the chocolate world?

Hershey’s Chocolate-Flavored Kisses?

Who the heck wants that?

But I digress.

Chocolate is about to become a luxury for most people.

The Proles, however, will have to settle for chocolate-flavor.

Sucks to be them.

Or unprepared.

Or whatever.


Has anybody tried buying bleach lately?

Has anybody seen the size of the toilet paper rolls from the now back in stock new but unfamiliar toilet paper?


Has anybody tried buying Clorox Wipes at decent market prices?

Forget about it!

It’s interesting too, because the pretty plastic tube, chock full of pre-moistened, pathogen killing goodness in the form of papery wipes, proudly displays that Clorox Wipes are made in the USA, but with “global components”, which begs the question: What are we not able to make in the United States?

Follow-up Question: What are we actually able to produce for ourselves?

Follow-Up Question to the Follow-Up Question: What does this mean for Consumer Prices in the near-term?

Regardless, market participants seem to think America’s Back!

No, seriously, because The Heartbeat of America Index has gone vertical:

Why would America be back when they’re destroying America?

Of course, the sheeple remain oblivious to the destruction:

At this point, they’ll probably skip fear and move straight into shock.

Yield on the 10-Year Note remains under 1.0%:

Yield looks to be falling, which is where the pressure remains anyway.

The US dollar finally looks like its ready to fall:

That fall is going to be painful!


Oh my!

Crude oil:

Anybody else starting to think of $40 as a price floor?

Platinum begins the week “unch”, year-to-date:

Just in time for the home stretch!

Palladium will be interesting to watch this week:

Here’s the question: Is inflation a fluke?

Regardless, the gold-to-silver ratio is nearly at the screaming level:

This is for the stacker friendly reasons of low prices too!

I’ve been saying this for a while, but just to make sure we’re clear: The cartel wants to paint a Death Cross on gold’s daily chart:

Not only is gold not on its death bed, but gold is pretty much ready for its next leg-up, assuming the Cartel still has control of the gold market.

Silver, in my opinion, has set-up the MOABT:

The Mother Of All Bear Traps.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart