Silver Deflects Everything The Cartel Throws At It And Reclaims $26: The Mighty Rise Of Silver Has Begun!!!

Vitcoin and baccines may have stolen the headlines this week faster than the election was stolen, but with silver, it’s blink now and have fun chasing…

(by Half Dollar) I’d like to write write about a few different topics today.


Honestly, I pay no mind to Bitcoin, or at least I pay it as little mind as possible.

If you want to gamble in a rigged casino, then by all means, go have at it, but anybody advocating for Bitcoin as anything other than a vehicle to gamble in a rigged casino, if not a Pumper, or a Shill, or a Has Been, or a Wannabe, or a Sundry Whoever, is deficient in math, money, or technology.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the Bitcoin Fanboys from screaming “TO DA MOON” (chart from “”):


And remember folks, every other market is rigged, but not Bitcoin!


Here’s the thing: Governments around the world are letting this happen, if not making it happen, and unless you are in on the very, very, very inside, which is like a number that I can count on my fingers, then you do not know when they will simply attack, brute-force digitally crash, coopt, corrupt, hack, nationalize, seize, or worse to Bitcoin’s network and the sheeple’s unbacked, energy-debt-based, US dollar denominated newfound “riches”, Bitcoin.

Good luck with that!

So go ahead and ride Bitcoin up to $1,000,000, which’ll probably happen maybe even by next week, or surely not much longer than that, and if not by then, oh, then perhaps simply sooner, and there’s totally no extra effort needed at all other than to buy, buy, buy, and then just sit back and watch because it’s a guaranteed super-duper win, you know, but you may also want know that you won’t even be able to trade that Bitcoin for single a loaf of bread during the crack-up boom and US dollar hyperinflation if you don’t “store” it on a USB Flash drive because, well, when wiped and formatted, at least a USB flash drive would have some utility and therefore some value, and it’s quite possible that the value would be well worth a loaf of bread!

Side Note: The USB flash drive quip above assumes the piece of hardware works, there is electricity, hardware and software which can retrieve and make use out of the data, and a whole bunch of other stuff like that.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, are you sayin’ Bitcoin’s going to $1,000,000?”.

Uh, no.

I’m not saying that.

At all.

Bitcoin is going to its intrinsic value, which, contrary to popular belief, is not zero but negative because, well, Bitcoin ain’t free you know, unless you think energy, network connectivity, storage space, and computer processing are free, and it’s not like having a silver coin, in-hand, and just handing it to someone else!

Furthermore, just like gold, silver is measured in ounces, by purity, but Bitcoin is only measured in US dollars, by who knows what in the heck one single Bitcoin equals, and so one ounce of fine silver may cost $1, or it may cost $1,000,000 in the US dollar hyperinflation, but at the end of the day, it’s still one ounce of fine silver, but Bitcoin, on the other hand, for whatever in the heck one bitcoin even is, may cost $1, or it may cost $1,000,000 in the US dollar hyperinflation, but at the end of the day, it’s still one dollar-price-based something or other.

Price versus value.

And stuff.

Learn it.

Shameless Plug Time: Rob Kirby and I had a lengthy discussion about Bitcoin just yesterday, and if I do say so myself, that interview is causing quite the controversy:

Thank you for your consideration.

Here’s the $64,000 question: Why are the letting Bitcoin run?

I’ll leave that question as rhetorical, but if you want a spoiler, I think it has to do with the one single thing that the Deep State Globalists fear the most in the entire world, the one single thing that is the real, true power of the People.


Recall an article I wrote back in February:

In that article, I explain how the US government’s plan for coronavirus includes deception, disinformation, psyops, and more during the pandemic, using the government’s own publicly available online information.

I say that because of stuff like this:

I mean, we’re told by CNN that he received the vaccine, and geez, there’s even video footage, so he must have gotten the vaccine, right?

It’s funny how everyone around him got coronavirus, except for Pence himself, so now he can be a good boy and take his vaccine.

Funny, or convenient, or just plain typical?


The sheeple are none the wiser.

The same goes for this:

The “Russian Hackers’ strike again!

Of course they did.

Of course, the US Government can also make up anything it wants to make up, and it’s not like the public will get the actual truth anyway, so who really knows?

What we do get, however, is a brand new tracker:

How lovely.

And green.

I’m not really sure what to make of this:

I will say this, however, and I’ll ask it as a question: Of all the people who they could have chosen to take the vaccine, live, on camera, and then to speak to reporters afterwards, they chose the one person who had a freakin’ pre-existing condition for and documented history of fainting?

What in the heck is going on here?

Beware the news.

That’s what.


On Wednesday, over at the best online gold & silver bullion dealer’s website, I wrote about the significance of this:

That’s very interesting because we have heard a lot hype about Trump’s various cabinet members over the years, but you know what?

I have no clue who the current US Transportation Secretary is, and that’s kind of ironic considering “infrastructure” was one of Trump’s original “promises”.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, President Trump did Make America’s Infrastructure Great Again you big doofus, and it was the envy of the world until coronavirus came along!”.

Oh, right.

Sure he did.

And sure it was.

Regardless, since the Federal Reserve Note, commonly called the “US Dollar”, is unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, um, yeah, we’re gonna need a big infrastructure upgrade, and it’s probably going to be very expensive and, assuming at least twenty-five percent of the money doesn’t get squandered away by our “elected” “leaders”, it’s probably also going to require a crapton of raw and finished materials.

But hey, the roads to the FEMA Camps are going to be just fabulous, aren’t they?

They really better hurry up and get to building because there’s that phrase again:


That’s code for “Doubleplusungood”.

It’s all good in the stock market, however:

Remember: If the stock market is not going to significantly crash, then that can only mean one thing – hyperinflation.

The fear gauge is nearly back into the teens:

Seems legit.

I still don’t think yield on the 10-Year Note will rise in a meaningful way:

There is only one of two crisis-inducing choices: Jack rates up sky-high, right now, and save the currency but get a bond market crisis, or continue to suppress rates which kills the currency.

Danged if you do, and danged if you don’t:

That’s why it’s called a “crisis”, you know.

The oil market was in crisis earlier in the year, but now it’s an epic wall of worry:

Are the dynamics of storage, demand and consumption losing out to the sheer volume of money printing?

Copper’s been signaling the start of the Hyperinflation since bottoming in March:

In that same Wednesday article I wrote over at the best online bullion dealer’s website, I explained my Dollar Rubber Band theory, and if you read that article, you’ll come to realize why I say copper is not signaling inflation but hyperinflation.

Platinum is now up almost 7.5%, year-to-date:

For those keeping score, however, platinum is up nearly 20% since election day alone!

Palladium is still grinding in its sideways choppy channel:

I have been saying all year long that I don’t think palladium will get to moving until the other three precious metals get closer to parity, and I still think that is the case.

We have not kissed 70 goodbye on the paper gold-to-silver ratio:


It’s getting harder and harder for the Permabear Chart Huggers to make the case that gold hasn’t bottomed:

Although I’m sure they’ll try.

Silver tried to make that quick run to $26.50 I was talking about on Monday:


Wrong again.

That said, some really, really, really quick and big runs are coming:

Assuming no reset, of course, because then it comes down to a matter of owning it, in-hand, or not.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart