SILVER: Day Of Reckoning, Make Or Break, Do Or Die, Now Or Never, BIG MOMENT Of Truth IS HERE!

Once silver takes out $23, or $22, or something, it’s gonna get messy!

(by Half Dollar) Hopefully everybody’s start to 2022 is financially going well.

Like, “do you even buy The North Face jackets when the temperature is in the teens, bro”?

Well sadly, I do.

And if you want the ones that actually keep you warm, they ain’t cheap.

It’s funny how we all pay too much for something.

Isn’t it?

I generally tend to do that more than others, but hey, we’ve all got to be good at something.

Although to the contrary, I’m still hoping to back up the truck and load up a crapton of physical silver when it’s price is in the teens, but for selfish reasons.

You see, I really don’t like paying any more for money than others pay, relatively speaking.

Granted, I’m sure the Flip-Flopping Chart Huggers are shouting “Triple-Bottom!”:

It would be funny if there weren’t people who didn’t know any better.

Gold is down around 1.5%, year-to-date:

For what it’s worth, in my opinion, bullishness and bearishness are on balance right now.

So here’s the question: Have we seen the capitulation in gold & silver?

If we have not seen the capitulation, and everybody knows what ‘Ol Half Dollar maintains, then between the Powell and Brainard “Nomination” “Hearings”, the myriad trade & inflation data and the totally not rigged CPI, GDP, PPI and Retail Sales statistics, among others, all happening this week, then don’t be surprised if we see the capitulation very, very soon.

Hopefully nobody’s watching…