Silver Bugs Channel Satoshi While Falling Into The Trap Of Trusting Some Shadowy Group Of Online ‘Traders’ With Questionable Motives

They’ll turn the “silver squeeze” into a “silver smash” faster than they stole the ele…e….e…errr…uh, um, yeah. They still have their “ace up the sleeve” too!

(by Half Dollar) First and foremost, there is no bigger Silver Bug, nor PermaBull, than I.

Or me.

Or whatever.

There are plenty more good writers though.

At least, that’s what they say.

But whatever.

I’m downright discouraged right now because apparently, Joe Deplorable didn’t learn his lesson.

I mean, he sat back and “trusted the plan” for four years, all the while what was left of America was being sold down the river, and right now, Joe’s back to trusting some dang plan again!

Only, this time, in a weird way, it’s like Joe Deplorable is channeling “Satoshi”, that is, some shadowy, unknown figure who changed the monetary landscape of the world forever!

Or at least that’s what the sheeple think.

And I’m not really sure if that’s funny, pathetic, or sad?

But I digress.

The difference, however, is that instead of putting their trust in the CIA Satoshi, Silver Bugs are putting their trust in the CIA some unknown, shadowy group of online “traders” with questionable motives, also known as “Wall Street Bets”.

And curiously, notice that today, Wednesday, February 3, 2021, you can’t even find the word “silver” anymore anywhere on Bloomberg’s homepage:

That’s not good.

So some food for thought: Rightly so, everybody is excited about all of the buying of the shiny phyzz, and I’m excited about that too, but when it comes to the ETFs, well, unfortunately, everybody is all excited about the massive buying in SLV and the other ETFs, yet everybody is neglecting the elephant in the room, which is the simple fact that the Cartel still has its “ace” up its sleeve, ready to use if the Cartel can’t keep silver’s downside momentum going on its own.

And what is the ace up the cartel’s sleeve?

The ace up the cartel’s sleeve is what I’ve been writing about since last Friday, and it just so happens to be a stock market crash.

In other words, in our phony, paper silver “market”, if push comes to shove, the Cartel will just bring the broader markets down as cover, and in the process, take silver down with the broader markets.

Nuke a city to kill one person?

It wouldn’t be the first time, and don’t think for a second they wouldn’t do it again.

The first red flag about this whole “silver squeeze” came last Wednesday, when the original poster showed his true colors as just some run-of-the-mill pump-n-dumper for First Majestic.

I discussed other red flags and things regarding silver and the new found euphoria with Dave Kranzler just yesterday afternoon:

I want silver to go up in price more than anybody in the entire world, but I don’t think silver goes up in price the way everybody else thinks it will.

In fact, I’m still expecting the Cartel to bring the hammer.

You see, they’re mad, and they’ll act out of spite, and they don’t really care either, because it’s their rigged casino, and they’ll be danged if they’re going to let a bunch of Joe Deplorables come in and bankrupt the place.

They’ll just bankrupt Joe Deplorable, who, unfortunately, was misled into thinking he could go up against the Beast and win.

Let’s not get it twisted: The Cartel doesn’t really care if the paper price of silver goes to $19 while the price for an ounce of real, physical silver, in-hand, breaches $40, because hey, that’s the wholesale dealer’s problem, the bullion dealer’s problem, the industrial use dealer’s problem, and anybody else’s problem, but it’s not the Cartel’s problem, who will simply be thanking Joe Deplorable for gambling in the rigged casino once again.

Better luck next time!

There is only one way to slay the Beast and end the manipulation: Starve the Beast.