Silver Bugs Are Getting Angry And Mad: One Step Closer To Capitulation

When will silver go on its next rip roaring rally? Here’s when…

(by Half Dollar) I’m a contrarian and a Silver Bug at heart.

I’m not really sure how I got this way, but such is my life.

And wow!

The hate!

It’s off the charts!

If you think being a contrarian, who is always laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of, and misunderstood to no end, is difficult, which most people are not even capable of being a contrarian anyway, or if you think it is hard being a Silver Bug, who, at best, day in and day out, only ever gets served a heaping scoop of disgust mixed with hate, which most people are not even capable of being a Silver Bug anyway, then try being a Silver Bug who is also a contrarian.

Holy Guacamole!

It’s not that I’m complaining, but to make a point: The contrarian in me had to turn bearish when all of the Silver Bugs turned bullish.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, that doesn’t even make sense because us Silver Bugs are contrarians you big doofus!”.

Well yes, but no.

Silver Bugs can be contrarians, but Silver Bugs are not automatically contrarians.

You see, Silver Bugs are contrarian to the mainstream when it comes to the topics of finance, investing, trading, the markets and the economy, but Silver Bugs are, by and large, as are nearly all people in society, card-carrying members of the mainstream themselves.

Spend any leisure time watching The Circus professional sports?

If so, then you are not a contrarian.

As for me, while I played basketball in high school, and while I played basketball in college, and while the University of North Carolina is in fact just one of the several colleges of which I have earned a degree, and while I am aware that collegiate basketball is technically not a professional sport, although it is professionally produced and mass marketed on par, I couldn’t even tell you if UNC was in the NCAA tournament this year.

Spend any leisure time watching CIA Propaganda hollywood/mainstream movies?

If so, then you are not a contrarian.

Now, as with sports, there is a minimum amount of leisure time that may be spent watching professionally produced movies, but the maximum amount of time is like ten hours per year, and preferably combined hours for watching both sports and movies.

As for me, not that it matters, but I honestly can’t remember if the last time I saw a movie was at the end of last year or at the beginning of this year?

That is to say, I only ever watch a movie as a secondary activity to spending time with my family, although I do have a very strict tolerance of no more than one movie per quarter.

And they can’t be super long movies, either.

But I digress.

Spend any leisure time watching The Ministry of Truth TV or the most popular YouTube channels?

If so, then you are not a contrarian.

Television and YouTube serve a great purpose to the Deep State, to the Globalists, and to the myriad Corrupted Evil Bastards out there in this world, and just like with watching professional sports or watching movies, television and YouTube are designed to brainwash the masses so that they can be controlled.

The Sheeple are oblivious, so they’ll never get it, nor will the Walmart Zombies, because once they’ve turned, they can’t unturn, and so the Deep State, the Globalists, and the myriad Corrupted Evil Bastards need something to brainwash the Thinking Masses with, lest the Thinking Masses think about something terrible, such as, oh, I don’t know, maybe Freedom, or perhaps Liberty, or possibly Whatever?

Spend any leisure time enjoying Two Minutes Hate live radio or keeping up with the latest in the music industry?

Of so, then you are not a contrarian.

This is one of those gray areas, but I generally look at music this way: Music has a lot to do with individual taste, and since music itself can be “energizing” or “relaxing”, for lack of better terms, and since intelligence is a process and not a switch, music is one of those things where a small exception can be made, but that is not the same thing as keeping up with the music industry, much less is it rushing out to buy the latest limited edition rapper pumped combo meal at McDonald’s.

Are you an “Ape” or a “Red Hat”?

If so, then you are not a contrarian.

It’s okay to be certain things, such as a “Silver Bug” or a “Deplorable”, because those are simply generalized euphemisms for “Liberty Minded Free Spirits That The Mainstream Hates The Most”, but a group of tens of thousands or a group of tens of millions creating memes from Star Wars clips or waiving flags while wearing MAGA hats is about as bandwagon as it gets.

I mean, they don’t call it the “Trump Train” for nothing, you know!

In truth, there are very few contrarians out there.

And so I’m sorry since I can’t really help it, but because I am a contrarian, when the mainstream Silver Bugs turn bearish in mass, that is when I’ll turn bullish, and judging by many things, including the hateful emails, the hateful comments, and the myriad forms of hate spewed from the mainstream lately, including from the mainstream Silver Bugs, directed at the few Silver Bugs who happen to be contrarians, myself included, it now seems clear that the mainstream Silver Bugs have taken the first step: They’ve turned from bullish to angry.

Or mad.

And very soon they’ll start calling for silver to go lower, and that’s when we’ll get our capitulation.

As for now, in my opinion, they’re still too bullish.

Of course, in addition to being a Silver Bug who happens to be a contrarian, I’m also an idiot, so there’s that.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart