SILVER PLUNGES! Why Did The Price Of Silver Plunge Below $21.50…?!?

What’s wrong with the silver market, and what’s holding silver back?

(by Half Dollar) I just finished a “test” live stream today at 12pm Eastern Standard Time.

The live stream was an unlisted test video, but there were no issues, so I’m turning the livestream into a public, listed video!

Why did the price of silver plunge below $22 today?

Here’s some insight on that, and so much more:

There are things that need to be said, there are things that need to be pointed out, and there are certainly a number of important questions about the silver market.

Other topics include:

Isn’t the fundamental backdrop good for silver?

Can’t people just take delivery of silver futures contracts and force the hand?

What’s the short-term outlook for silver?

Thanks for tuning in!

– Half Dollar