shhh: every “asset” on the planet is in full blown parabolic, euphoric mania mode, and then there’s silver…

Welcome to 2021…

(by Half Dollar) Happy New Year!

One of these years silver will surpass its all-time record high set back in 1980.

I thought that year was going to be last year, and of course, I was wrong.

What about in 2021?


The Bitcoin Fanboys over at everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative-media website are high fiving that Venezuela is going 100% digital:

Do you even power grid, bro?

And where is all of the silver for all that high tech stuff going to come from, and not just in Venezuela but apparently all around the world as the Moon Landing Believers want us to think is about to happen?

Moreover, how much is silver going to cost when smart people looking to convert their rapidly devaluing US dollars into silver go toe-to-toe with industrial users of precious metal?


Regardless, don’t fall into the Bitcoin Fanboy’s pseudo-charismatic lure or lofty promises of instant, overnight riches because, well, let’s just say the old money and the big money are not just going to keel over and let mocha latte drinking, unicorn chasing purple hair dyed bearded hipsters take over the power and wealth structure in this world.

The funny thing is, or the sad thing is, or the pathetic thing is, that in the end, the joke is going to be on the Bitcoin Fanboys who end up losing real things in life because they got all wrapped up in some cryptofantasy.

Gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire?

So what.

Everybody else is gonna be a Multi Trillionaire soon, regardless of how much Bitcoin they “own”, which you can’t really do anything with anyway except consume energy, hog internet bandwidth or write to the ever expending ledger the Bitcoin Fanboys just assume will be brought online by someone else in the “cloud”.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why is your first article of 2021 turning into a Bitcoin rant? “.

Fair question, and to be honest, when I sat down this morning it was not my intention, nor do I even know what the price is other than I recall seeing something about $35K.

That’s some amazing price versus value, isn’t it?

But I digress.

Here’s the thing: I don’t want Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors giving up right at the point of inflection.

We’re there.

This year, the Chart Huggers are going to make excuse after excuse after excuse for constantly making bad call after bad call after bad call.

In my honest opinion.

So, um, yeah, silver’s under $30 at the start of 2021:

Which, by the way, is about $20 cheaper than silver was in 1980, and that’s in nominal terms!

Because when we account for all of the inflation over the last 40 years?

Yikes again!

I think we lose the 70-handle this week:

Silver has a heck of a lot of catching up to do.

Although gold is not starting out the year too shabby:

And to think, many of the Chart Huggers still think we’re in a downtrend.

Platinum is starting the year off with a nice price spike:

I think platinum reaches parity with gold & palladium before silver does, and while I’m always early and rarely wrong, I hope I’m wrong on that, but for selfish reasons.

Either way, don’t let the perma-bear technical analysts fool you by saying something to the effect of, “but palladium’s not confirming the moves”:

Palladium is simply not the bargain compared to the other three precious metals right now, but in the end, all four will be the beneficiaries of the “flight to safety”, which, amazingly, the sheeple are already taking, only, they’re moving into Bitcoin!


Don’t matter.

They’re sheep, and they’ll never get it.

For the sheep are only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered.

That’s one epic Wall of Worry in crude oil:

For now, however, use cheap oil prices to your advantage, and when I say to your advantage, I’m talking about primarily staying in front of the crack-up boom and hyperinflation of the US dollar.

Said differently, we had the slow, 100 year long hyperinflation that dates to around the creation of the Federal Reserve, we had the medium-term, 10 year long hyperinflation of the financial system that dates to around the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and now, we’ve got the fast, 1 year long hyperinflationary crack-up boom on Main Street.

And to think, they said the “supply chain disurptions” were temporary!

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, if this is the crack-up boom and the hyperinflation of the US dollar as you say it is, then the supply chain disruptions will be temporary you big doofus!”.

Oh yeah.

Good point.

I think copper is pointing out the fact that the crack-up boom has begun:

Welcome to 2021, or welcome to The Era Of Hyperinflation?

We’ll see.

Shameless Plug Time: You won’t believe what Steve St. Angelo said about copper last week in the most recent Silver Doctors interview:

Thank you for your consideration.

A lot of otherwise smart people are looking for the stock market to crash:

I don’t think it’s turning Japanese, however, but rather, I think it’s turning Venezuelan.

Hyperinflation of the US dollar is, after all, the path of least resistance.

Because everybody gets paid!

And the promises are kept!


It’s gonna be ugly, which is why I hope it’s fast.

But there I go again with the you know what.

The “Market Participants” generally don’t know what happens when the stock market turns Venezuelan:

Or if they do, they deny that it will happen.

What happens is that in real terms, you lose, just like when interest rates are lower than consumer price inflation:

Just like silver has been suppressed for decades and has a ton of catching up to do to reality, consumer price inflation has been understated by the Fed and the Federal Government for decades as well, and there’s this funny thing that happens when things can no longer go on for any longer, you know?

Spoiler Alert: They don’t go on for longer:

Does that mean the US dollar goes to its intrinsic value this year?

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart