SGTreport: $17 Silver, $1,000,000,000 Bitcoin and Other OUTRAGES

So far, the precious metals price suppression has been effective, yet before it comes to an end, David Quintieri says to scoop up some physical silver. Here’s why…

David Quintieri interviewed on SGT Report

The conversation begins with a recap on the jobs numbers and the economy in the attempts to paint a specific picture of the economy.

Then the conversation shifts on to Bitcoin. David says he dismissed Bitcoin like so many others early on. However, David likes the idea of an alternative to central bank currencies, but can bitcoin really go to $1,000,000?

Then the conversation shifts to gold and silver. David says the precious metals are punished right now, and it has been going on like this for years. For years, what many have been suspecting and saying is now being laid out bare for all to see. Precious metals are under the heavy hand of manipulation, but it cannot last forever, and it’s exactly why one David says one needs to take “physical possession”, and by that, he does not mean some allocated and segregated storage but actual physical metal in one’s own safe keeping.

Tune in for the other topics discussed in this interview: