Sell-Out Alex Jones Goes Full Alan Greenspan On Precious Metal: Sell-Outs Always Look To Repent

Anybody remember Alan ‘One-Foot-In-The-Grave’ Greenspan’s 2018 comment on gold? Yeah, well, it’s kinda like that…

(by Half Dollar) Anybody remember Alan ‘One-Foot-In-The-Grave’ Greenspan’s comment on gold?

You know the one:

The one in which the so-called “Maestro” repentantly makes a comment about gold?

Apparently, a funny thing happens to people after acting out years of Evil.

And mildly interestingly, assuming the video below is legit, and I must admit, I have not and will not take the time to do the research, this need to repent has now struck Alex Jones too, only, with regards to silver:

Good thing nobody already thinks he’s fallen off his rocker.

Unsurprisingly, the Echo Chamber is booming right now…